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Bernadette Morris - Debut Album

By Bernadette Morris


Moving audiences across Ireland, the UK and further afield, I have been slowly making a name as unique performer, who delivers sets with charm, passion and spellbinding delight.

I am originally from just outside Dungannon in Co. Tyrone and am currently based in Belfast, and have spent the last 24 of my 31 years, quietly immersed in music and song. From a musical family, I started singing and playing the fiddle at the young age of 7.

After spending the past 10 years focusing on the day job as a successful television producer, I am now on the road in earnest, and am clocking up impressive performances at innumerous festivals including the massive Kell’s St Patrick’s Day Festival in Portland (US) Féile an Phobail - Belfast, Fleadh Feirste, Drogheda Art’s Festival, Liverpool Irish Festival, Culture Night Armagh and a ‘sold out’ gig at the Out to Lunch Festival, as part of the CQAF 2012. Some reviews below!

“Bernadette Morris, Obviously relishing the glorious setting, gave an enthralling set of traditional and modern songs, mostly inspired by her Northern Irish roots. No mean fiddler either is she, sometimes accompanying herself and complementing the excellent work of Rohan Young on bodhran and Niall McCrickard on guitar... The wait was a pleasure as Bernadette Morris, whether bouncing jauntily through her own arrangement or in soaring a capella, won over an audience and gained a following, as her voice filled the unique space that is the Palm House.” Gerry Donaldson, Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool.

"Bernadette Morris delivered one of this year’s Out to Lunch Festival highlights. She combines a powerful voice with a uniquely warm stage presence and an excellent repertoire of traditional and contemporary material. Complemented by great guitar and bodhrán…. and great fiddle playing by Bernadette herself, this is a show that totally charmed and enthralled our packed lunchtime audience." Sean Kelly, CQAF

I am now recording my debut album, produced by Sean Óg Graham and I need your help! The Album is something that I've wanted to do for a long long time and I really think it will help to raise my profile and increase my opportunities for getting more gigs and for playing at some International Festivals.

The Art’s Council of Northern Ireland awarded me a grant from the Support for the Individual Artist fund which has kickstarted the Album recording fund but it just isn’t enough to fund the whole process and this is where you come in!

By donating to this Fund it project you will help pay for recording, producing, artwork and manufacture of the album and in return you will receive rewards depending on the amount that you donate.

Thanks to Acorn, Declan and Mal for your help with the video, all the lads playing music in the videos and thanks to you in advance!



Only 6 days to go!

Hi everyone! With just 6 days to go this project is 78% funded! I am so grateful and thankful to all of you who have contributed so far! This dream is now almost a reality thanks to you help! Please spread the word and let others know about this opportunity to fund this Debut Album! thanks again Bernadette x

album progress

It is Saturday the 3rd of November 2012 and I am in the studio for the 6th day recording my debut album! When I first got here Seán Óg and I worked through my list of songs and decided which ones would be the best to record – those which haven’t been ‘over-played’ and maybe over- recorded. We ended up with 9 songs and 2 sets of tunes. The next step was to record guide tracks – to set the key and tempo of each song and to give all the various musicians tracks to practise with. First in the studio was Niall Mc Crickard on Guitar and two half days recorded his accompaniment for the 9 songs. Next in was Ruairi Cunnane on bazouki – he spent one day with us laying some bazouki rhythms and melodies on the songs. Rohan Young was next on bodhrán and again we covered the songs. Then I could hide no longer and it was my turn! I spent one full day and recorded 4 songs and some harmony tracks for those songs. Today Ciaran Hanna is here and will be playing whistle and concertina. It is all coming together really well and I am very excited about the end product! If you haven’t already please go to the link below and read how YOU can help get this album off the ground, off the computer and onto discs and hopefully into shops! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! xxx b

one week in!

Hi all of you that have sponsored me! Thank you very very much - please spread the word xxx

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