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Between Trees and Water

By Painted Bird Productions



Between Trees and Water uses documentary material, witness statements, court depositions and newspaper articles relating to the case of Bridie Kirk, who died in 1939 as a result of an illegal abortion, in a room in lodgings on Lavitt's Quay in Cork City. Set in an era when contraception was criminalised, it is a truly fascinating and deeply human story. From an historical perspective, it brings light to what might be summed up as a forbidden history - one in which abortion was an option (albeit an illegal one) for a Cork woman in 1939.

This play relates to the still current and still contentious issue of women's reproductive rights, and aims to show how little has changed for Irish society in relation to this taboo subject in over 70 years. It asks us whether or not we can continue to be silent and speaks to the notion of our public and private selves, our public politics and our private actions.


Painted Bird Productions was founded by Fiona McGeown in 2013. The company seeks to make theatre, using rich themes taken from cultural history to explore a collective present and possible future. We are particularly interested in exploring work that challenges the conventions of the theatrical space, using offsite venues to enhance innovative exchanges with our audiences.


We plan to stage Between Trees And Water in an offsite venue in Cork City centre (The Unitarian Church, Princes St), which will run from Sept 1-6 inclusive (http://www.everymancork.com/2014/02/between-trees-and-water/). We have also been invited to transfer the piece to Dublin, where it will be presented as part of the 2014 Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, again in an offsite venue.

The project is the result of an ambitious collaboration between a cast of five - Shane Casey, George Hanover, Nick Kavanagh, Róisín O’Neill and Noelle O’Regan, composer Tom Lane, designer Deirdre Dwyer, dramaturg Thomas Conway, lighting designer Sarah Jane Shiels, sound designer Rob Moloney, production manager Katherine Mahony and director Fiona McGeown.

Dr. Sandra McAvoy is the Historical Advisor and the project is produced by Julie Kelleher and Eimear O’Donovan.


After lots of hard work and knocking on doors, we have raised 100% of our production costs for the Cork leg so far, through the support of the HRA Pharma Foundation, Cork City Council, Cork County Council, The Everyman Theatre, Cork and MAKE. However, we fall short of the funds we need to cover the costs of a transfer to Dublin.

These mainly include:

Venue Rental: €1550
Production Transport: €700
Travel: €500
Accommodation: €2750

The €5,500 we hope to raise, through your generosity and support, would make up the remainder of our budget, and contribute to the successful presentation of this original and innovative production by some of Cork’s finest theatre professionals on a national platform.

We hope you can help us to tell this extraordinary story.

Thank you!!



We've Landed in Dublin!

Hello all, Well, we've had a wonderful opening week in Cork City, and now, thanks to YOUR support, we've landed in Dublin. The Crew spent all day yesterday and this morning getting the show into the venue, re-calibrating for the new space and prepping to tech the show once more. The Cast arrived this afternoon and we teched till tea time, and had a dress rehearsal this evening. Phew! Now, the last hurdle - to open the show tomorrow night (Tues 9th Sept). We run until Sunday 14th. We'd like to prevail upon you once more for your support. We still need to sell as many tickets as we can for the Dublin run to ensure that the budget balances. We'd love if you could tell people about the show, share our NEW video (https://vimeo.com/105593309) and please come see us if you've not already. We're so proud of the work you've helped us to create, and now all we really want is to share it with as many people as possible. Thanks so much - let's be having you Tiger Dublin Fringe! Painted Bird x

The latest from Painted Bird

Hi all, Just a quick note firstly to say thank you for your overwhelming support over the last two weeks, we’ve been blown away by it. We thought we’d give you a window into how things are progressing. Director Fiona McGeown is carving away at the documentary material with dramaturg Thomas Conway, to prepare the text from which we will begin rehearsal. Production Designer Dee is busy drawing plans which help us all to visualise the two spaces we’ll be working in. Composer Tom Lane, amongst a raft of other projects, is creating the music which will accompany parts of the show, and which some of you will receive as a reward. The rest of the production team are busy plotting and preparing to go into the Unitarian space for the first week of rehearsal on Aug 4. And we’re close to being able to show you our new website and poster - it’s all go! Listen out for Fiona on Newstalk’s The Green Room with Orla Barry, between 9 and 11 this Saturday night, and hear all about the show straight from the horse’s mouth. Finally, we hope you can continue to lend your support to the campaign until it concludes on Friday 25th. As I’m sure you’re aware - we don’t receive any of the monies pledged by you unless we reach our pledge target (eeek!). We have 8 days to find the remaining €2700 of the target. So if you can share the information with anyone you think might be interested, via whatever channels you have available, we’d hugely appreciate that! Massive thanks again for all your support so far - more news soon! Painted Bird x

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