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By David Monahan


Beyond Leaving is the final part of a suite of works around the recent wave of net emigration from Ireland which ran from 2009-2016. You may be familiar with the Leaving Dublin series, and the book On Leaving, both which have featured as projects here in the recent past.

The work which features a series of over 25 new large scale ( 1metre x 1.3metre) photographic works shot in 2016 on location in Dublin, Toronto, Ohio, Chicago, Surrey and Wicklow. It will hang for 4 months from November to late February 2017 at the National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin. The work also features video, interview, text and artefact made over the entire period of the works and is a timely appraisal of a dark period of Irish, European and World history from the perspective of people who left Ireland during this time.This show seeks to find the distance between these travellers expectations and the reality of their lives today : The work therefore becomes a metaphor for the precarious nature of modern life and a place in which to evaluate our societies reaction to the financial downturn.

To date there have been 10 national and International presentations of my works relating to the theme of current emigration. A simple google search of the terms ' David Monahan, On Leaving, Leaving Dublin" Reveals a deep digital footprint for the project and its presentations. The product created through fundit funding powers these presentations long after the initial 2 funded projects and the same is expected of this one.
I have experience the successful completion of exhibitions on the international stage and am fully aware of all challenges which await me. I also have experience of running previous fund:it campaigns and I am confident of a successful outcome

As before to effectively present such works demands very high standards of production and as such the cost of making a fitting presentation of this work will run to over €10,000.
However astute planning, sponsorship and the co-operation of the venue have left a deficit of €5000 to make this show happen. As such the project is seeking your support and there is on offer an array of excellent rewards.

I have worked hard over the last two years to make this project a success. I secured the venue right at the start based on my reputation to deliver compelling work. Most of the project challenges have been met and overcome in the making of the work. The outstanding ones are the production and funding components which this campaign addresses.

Thank you all so much for reading about my project. Your participation will help create its dialogue. I hope that you can take part in the discussion that this show seeks to facilitate and I look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition during this coming November.



Beyond Leaving Symposium, Picturing Migration, March 3rd at the NLI, Kildare Street.

Hi All thanks to you all Beyond Leaving is having a great Run at the National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar. There are 2 upcoming events at the National Library of Ireland in association with the exhibition. On Wednesday next the 1st of March Prof. Mary Gilmartin will deliver a lecture, Beyond Home: new spaces for migrant belonging. And then on Friday March 3rd from 10.45 till 4.00 pm the centre piece of the presentations at the NLI takes place. Picturing Migration is a symposium and the final part in a series of events and presentations around the exhibition "Beyond Leaving" which runs till March 26th at the National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin. This conference seeks to acknowledge and discuss representations made by speakers which bring into the light other instances of migration as well as those already discussed in Monahan’s current work. admission is free but booking is advised follow this link for tickets https://tinyurl.com/hxudrxx with thanks David

Opening soon!

Hi All once more for making this project a sucess, please come down to the expo opening on Monday at the NPA Meeting House Square, at 6.30. you should have recieved an email invite please rsvp to assure catering, to nli@dhr.ie once more huge thanks David

80% and so close!

Hi All we have just passed 80% funded and have just got 14 hours or so to got till the project finishes at 11.30 or there abouts tomorrow. IT IS VITAL THAT WE MAKE IT OVER THE LINE OR ALL IS LOST. Please upgrade your pledge upward by a small amount and or share and encourage others to join in. Once more i would like to thank each and every one of you as i update here for the last time. I hope to get to the outcome this project requires to proceed and I look forward to welcoming you all to the show in November> With HUGE THANKS AND ADMIRATION TO YOU ALL! DAVID

Irish Times Support, getting close

Hi All, once again big thanks for all of your support to date. Your pledges have taken the account to almost 60% funded with a day and a half to go. to hit our goal we need to secure another 60 or so low level pledges so if each one of you can entice a friend, relative or fellow art lover to pledge a little we could get there with time to spare. Today the Irish times posted a great blog post about my work on generation Emigration-by Sarah Maria Griffin, and its proving very popular. If you could post the link to it as a facebook post or perhaps send the link by mail or personal message it would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively you could if you wish upgrade your pledge by pledging again for a higher value than your first pledge. This has the effect of overwriting your original pledge with the new amount . Lastly the fundit site was down for a good portion of the afternoon today and therfeor things did not progress at a pace we would like. But tomorrow should cure that. Again bigthanks for all support to date and I look forward to sharing a crisp glass of something with you at the opening in November. Here are the links, firstly to the Irish Times blog post http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/generation-emigration/four-photos-capture-my-emigration-journey-to-america-and-home-again-1.2798533 and secondly to the fundit offer page, please pass it around with urgency and we will get this show on the road! Once more with thanks David David Tomorrow should be different

Link to share beyond leaving video

hi all once more big thanks to you all sorry that i gave you a dead link to share last update, here is the active link please share it amongst your social networks https://youtu.be/-wy9N2qw7tE

First Update!

Huge thanks to you all. You have powered this project to 25% with your pledges. I would be delighted if you pushed this video piece out to your contact recommending that they join you in the worthwhile project. https://youtu.be/25Ncjz7llT0 Thanks for now David

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