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BIG HOUSE Festival

By Jo Mangan & Tom Swift


BIG HOUSE is Ireland’s brand new festival of arts, music and entertainment in the spectacular surroundings of Castletown House, Celbridge. This cultural carnival of musical adventures, theatrical treats and hidden gems is Ireland’s first site-specific arts festival. Not only is BIG HOUSE a new summer festival experience, but it also offers artists a new platform to showcase their work.

BIG HOUSE takes place on Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Monday 5th August at Castletown. The house and sprawling parklands will come alive with thrilling new work by specially-commissioned artists from the worlds of music, theatre, visual art and dance.

What is BIG HOUSE?
BIG HOUSE festival will fling open the doors of historic Castletown House this August for Ireland’s first festival of site-specific arts. Castletown’s dramatic ballroom, farmyard, gate lodges, stables, ice house, ancient woodlands and lush meadows will all be programmed with specially commissioned arts and entertainment events.

Why does BIG HOUSE need your help?
It’s going to be amazing but we’re going to need your support. We believe passionately that BIG HOUSE offers a creative and fun way to support artists and the arts. In a time of massive arts funding cutbacks we want to buck the trend by commissioning dozens of brand new surprising and entertaining events by top-class artists of all genres - from theatre to dance to film to music to visual art and children’s events. We're raising these funds to help support the payment of artist's fees who are makeing new work for BIG HOUSE.

Who benefits?
By contributing to BIG HOUSE you’re not just guaranteeing yourself the best day out of the year - you’re supporting the creativity and careers of dozens of talented artists and creating a showcase for Ireland’s creative talent.

Who’s behind BIG HOUSE?
BIG HOUSE is the brainchild of The Performance Corporation, the award-winning Irish theatre and arts company that puts the careers and creativity of professional artists at the heart of what it does. That means paying artists (from dancers to designers) for their work and creativity. With BIG HOUSE the same applies.

What’s in it for me?
For those with the vision to fund the festival, we promise to make BIG HOUSE an even more extraordinary experience. In fact we may even give you a chance to be part of the festival programme!

You can make it happen. All we need is your vision and your support. So why not make supporting the arts a celebration in itself. Your contribution to BIG HOUSE will help ensure the arts in Ireland continue to make us proud.

Full day pass normal price:
€25 on the day (single or small family)
€50 family (2 adults, 2 children)



over the 5k mark

Hi All Firstly thank you all so very much, especially those I have not had an opportunity to thank personally. It is amazing that people seem to come out of the woodwork to help out. We are so grateful. And be assured every penny you contribute will be put to great use in helping artists make their work. I hope we get to see you all over the August Bank Holiday weekend. It is getting pretty busy here in Perf Corp central as we gear up. We hope we are making the kind of event you will really enjoy - with the kind of weather we all enjoy! I have a couple of final asks from you, maybe you might have found 20 quid down the back of the sofa at the weekend, or maybe its a friends birthday and you relaise you need to bring them to this fantastic event! If so you can re-pledge your amount. It doesn't go in addition to what you have already pledged but it is increased to that amount. So for example you may have pledged 50, but are planning on coming to the festival, in which case increasing to 75 includes your ticket and won't cost you more in the long run but it really helps us out. You are all superstars for helping out and it would be remiss of me not to ask those who have already helped to see if they can do so a little bit more. Thank you all again and fingers crossed we get over the line in the next few days. . If you know anyone else who you think might like to help out, please give them a prompt for us. Jo x

3% - phew!

Hi All Thank you for your help to date - its so great to have all the support out there and makes me really optimistic about reaching our target. We have had a busy week - launching the website and announcing most of the artists involved in the programme. Onwards and upwards. Jo x

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