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Big Time- Mockumentary feature

By Ciaran Nugent


After several attempts at commissioning the traditional routes(and coming close once or twice) we’ve decided to give it one more go on the old internet! Funds raised will go on an 8-10 day shoot as well as on post-production with every penny meticulously stretched. This will include (very) modest compensation for a small cast and crew (where favours can’t be cashed in or where IOU’s are not accepted!), costumes, equipment rental and insurance as well as funding entry into film festivals.

Big Time has been in development for years with most of the preparation work done. We believe with our professional and enthusiastic cast and crew that we can deliver a professional and most importantly, hilarious end result on a modest budget. We would be grateful for any and all support in finally getting it off the ground.

Check out our camera rehearsal/character intro which we shot on a shoestring in a day way back in 2008!

From Donegal to the penalty points fiasco it’s been scandal after scandal for the Garda Síóchána and such a headache for the Minister he’s considering going back and giving the erotic novel game another go. Desperate, he signs off on a fly-on-the-wall type peek into the dedicated work of some of his best and brightest to mend the frayed relationship with a disillusioned public. Inevitably however, somebody down the line has mucked it up and the project is hijacked by a spotlight loving rank-and-file who’s not afraid to share his thoughts. Garda Danny Feeney from Who-knows-where Garda station sees his opportunity and decides he is going to be Ireland’s first action hero come hell or high water!

Shameful plugging of his mates’ local pub, staged action, cringey music performances, inappropriate sexual advances on possible suspects, unsanctioned interviews with Heat magazine, sexist language unbecoming of a peace officer, reckless tomfoolery with Garda equipment, unethical use of contraband to control his celebrity mentor and nightclub brawls with the local volunteers from the Civil Defence and all in front of the entire country lead to the Sergeant getting an earful down the phone from HQ to put the brakes on Danny. He’s forced from his comfy chair at reception to stop his subordinate from embarrassing the force further whilst conducting the training of a fresh batch of reserves.

Some of the team:

Writer/director: Ciarán Nugent graduated from DIT and NUIG in Media and Television Production respectively and worked as a boom-operator for several years on numerous film and television drama productions, budgets big and small.

Cameraman: Matthew Kirrane has worked extensively on narrative feature films, television and documentaries. Since graduating from D.I.T.'s school of Media Arts Matthew has had his work screened at festivals around Europe to much acclaim.

Production Designer/Assistant Producer: Julie Tierney has worked in various capacities on many well-known Irish film and television productions.

Main part: Stephen D’Arcy will play Danny. An excellent comedy actor known for The Cabin (2011) and Aifric (2006-08).

Others to be confirmed upon successful funding.