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Bisect debut album

By Bisect


Bisect is a band that formed 2 years ago from the ashes of a Polish band that carried the same name. We are based in Cork and the band is an international team of Irish, French, Polish and Italian musicians: Phil (Los Langeros) and Christoff ([R]evolution Of a Sun) are on the vocals, Marcel on the drums, Maciek on the bass and Fabrizio on guitar and backing vocals.

This will be Bisect's first album and we're hoping to raise funds that will help pay for the recording, mastering and printing.

Bisect's sound doesn't really fit any one label, maybe a result of their Polish/Italian/French/Irish background, but the resulting musical blend is an aggressive hardcore d-beat sound with brutality and grind fronted by two intense vocalists with crushing lyrics that scream about issues like social justice, inclusion/marginalisation,poverty, etc.

We've only done a handful of gigs so far but they've all been fucking great and we've received massive encouragement and support from bands in the heavy scene in Cork and Ireland, especially from [R]evolution of a Sun, Ghost of Medina, Iweriù, I'll Eat Your Face, Hope is Noise, Fat Actress, Deep in Mind.

Recording this album will be the culmination of 2 years work for us and start of the next chapter which is gonna include a lot of intense gigs around Ireland and beyond.

We're looking for your support to make our 1st album possible and cover the costs (1200 euro for recording, 400 euro for mastering and 400 euro for printing) and to make this project come true.

We believe that this project has a broad base and that the support and solidarity between our band and people who know us directly or indirectly and people who believe in us, will be the key to make this project a successful one.



Shell to Sea

Release of pre-mastering version of track no.4, Shell to Sea. Inspired and dedicated to the resisting communities in Mayo that have been struggling against Shell for their own dignity and self determination for over a decade! http://bisect.bandcamp.com/track/shell-to-sea


Crank the speakers up! System of Lies. Pre-mastering version of track no.5 ...and this is only the beginning! http://bisect.bandcamp.com/

1st week activity

After just a week on "fund it" we raised 355 bucks! Big big thanks to our supporters who have already funded Bisect's album project and to all the others, who we know are procastinators but are drawling to fund and get the album! ;)

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