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Blind Poets Fundit Campaign

By Blind Poets



A little bit about us....

Blind Poets came together as a band two years ago. Time passed, we got to know each other and soon realised there was something very special in the music we were creating. Since then we've concentrated on writing and on honing our live sound and last July we started to track the songs with Martin Leahy in his studio and have been steadily working away since.

While Niamh, Tom and Leo write the songs, there is very much a whole band approach when it comes to enriching the existing material. The result: a rich tapestry of songs interwoven with five voices and instruments including guitar, piano, violin, clarinet, drums and synth. The collaborative aspect of creating is something that appeals to us so we are looking forward to inviting some very special guests to the studio to put down their own particular magic on the songs.

Niamh Murphy, Leo Mullane, Tom Jordan, Katie O'Neill and Karen O'Doherty make up Blind Poets. Between us, we have a lengthy list of accolades in music so far. Since being together we have impressed audiences throughout 2018/2019 at Festivals such as All Together Now, The Cork Folk Festival, The Galway Fringe and The Baltimore Fiddle Festival. We have released three singles to date which have been popular on RTÉ Radio 1, 2FM, Lyric FM and Today FM as well as numerous local stations. We are delighted to be recording with Martin Leahy who also regularly drums with us.

If we reach our target, the money pledged by you will be used in the following way:

Finish tracking, mixing and mastering €3500
CD/Poster Artwork €200
Duplication of cds €800
Launch €1000
Marketing €500

Crowd funding is so important in today's world where patronage is enabling music to be made. As independent artists without the financial backing of a record company, we have so far covered the cost of recording ourselves. However we now need your help to finish this project. By supporting our campaign, you will be at the very least pre buying our album, a copy of which we will send you upon completion in March.

Thank you sincerely for supporting this project. We are so grateful for your support and generosity. You're making this happen with us and we will be eternally grateful. We are completely inspired by the response to our music so far and we look forward to sharing this album with you!!









Ahh we are still here!

Dear Friends, Funders, Patrons,
We have not forgotten you!
Thank you for your patience and for not getting mad with us during all these months of radio silence.
We have wanted to get in touch with you for so long but with the times being what they are, everything slipped into a paralysis.  Now Winter is upon us again and an incredible year has almost passed.
It is beyond time to touch base with you and let you know that we have not forgotten our commitments to our funders.
The album is mostly recorded and some of it is mixed. We are really happy with the sound and we hope you will like it too.
Unfortunately, since the Covid came upon us, we have been unable to meet as we would like to. We live too far apart, some of us are vulnerable and all of us have to be careful.
We are doing our best to keep the project going by speaking on the phone and occasionally meeting for socially distanced rehearsals or song-writing sessions. Even though these have been rare occasions, we already have lots of new material for the next album, whenever that will be, which is very exciting.
Meanwhile, with the recording studio closed all this time, we've had no chance to continue working on the album.
But it looks like now we can finally think about making plans to finish the album and deliver on our promises to you.
With luck 2021 will be a good year.
Please bear with us, we'll be together again:)
Love and best wishes,
Niamh, Katie, Karen, Leo and Tom

Green Light - Let us go!

Hello dear people,

We're just checking in with you! We cannot say it enough, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You. 

We will be in touch with everyone individually over the coming days with news of how the album is coming along and when to excpect it. We are so excited that there were some gig options availed of and we will be on to you to set a date!

Much love and gratitude,

Niamh, Leo, Katie, Karen and Tom x


Thank you dear people!

Well we did it and You did it! 

Project complete, target reached which means the whole thing can happen now!!

We just want to thank each and every person who ralllied behind this and supported us. It is true life patronage. We are making this album and through your support, you are enabling the project to happen fully. 

We are truly humbled, grateful and so so excited for this to happen now!! 

Album, gigs and all sorts to follow :)

Love from Blind Poets - Katie, Karen, Tom, Leo and Niamh xxx

It's only the beginning!

To those of you have funded us, thank you so much and we promise we'll do you proud! Our appreciation and gratitude are yours.
If you can will you help spread the word for that is the only way this will work - word of mouth, sharing on social media pages etc
Much love,
Niamh, Tom, Katie, Karen and Leo Xx

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