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By Sarah Honan


Blink is an artistic project aiming to recognise, honour and eventually memorialise women whose identities have been completely lost in the mist of other peoples memories.

Today, there are 2,009 unidentified women in morgues and unmarked grave sites across the US. All we know about them is the information contained in their public case files. My aim is to produce 25 portraits derived from their case file images

Throughout history, those whose lives were considered to be of some importance or significance were captured in portrait for posterity. Others are remembered because of their portraits. But what of those who are already gone? Not only gone, but whose entire existence is confirmed only by their physical remains.

And so, over the coming months I will attempt to render just a sample of these women as immortal through portrait with the hope of providing these lost women, these “Jane Does,” with the respect, appreciation, reverence and love any of us would expect after we die.

Though their life legacy is lost perhaps we can create a legacy for them in death.

This project is completely not for profit. To represent 1% of these women will require many materials. Any funds raised in this way will be exclusively used to purchase paints, canvases and any other necessary materials.

The final goal is to exhibit this collection at an appropriate venue in order to furnish these women with the recognition they deserve. As a funder you will become an essential part of this project and depending on the reward you choose you will always have an extremely personal and unique reminder of what you've helped achieve. This is no ordinary artistic endeavor. This is an opportunity to both support art but also achieve something much greater.

Most importantly, if I can fund Blink. in this way it will transform it from an individual’s idea into a collective effort to ensure a legacy for a small number of women who will otherwise be forever forgotten.