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Bound by Len Collin

By Len Collin


Bound is a short film written by Len Collin. We intend to shoot in September with Len directing, Brian Durcan as DOP and Mike Lacey producing (UK) and Len Collin producing (Irl). The film stars Georgia Leigh and Grant Watson. It will be shot in the west of Ireland. We’re looking to raise €1500, which will go towards equipment rental, location costs, props, make up and transportation. Any extra will enable us to pay for post production sound, grading and titles.

Short films act as a calling card for talent in the TV and Film industry. Many of today’s top stars, directors, actors, writers, producers and DOPs, started out in short films. By pledging to this project you can be part of something special… part of someone’s future. Five euro can help launch a career. 

These are exciting times for artists, technology has made filmmaking more affordable, but even so the costs mount and on average a film will cost ten thousand euro or more. Which is still an extraordinary amount. To cut costs our actors and crew are all giving their time freely. To give you a flavour of the film please view our trailer. 

There are three ways you can help.
Pledge - Only what you can. Five euro or Fifty euro it all helps. It’s all appreciated.
Share - Spread the word. Tell your friends. This costs nothing but time… and we appreciate that.
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Thank you for your time and support.



Thank You All

Thank you.... By now you should all have received an email from me with regard to rewards. Please contact me if you have not via len@lencollin.com We start filming in two weeks and prep is already underway. It would be impossible without your help. Thank you once again. I hope we are worthy of your support. best Len Collin

Over a third of the way there.

Sometimes it's very touching the support you get on projects such as this. It means a great deal, it really does. We hope to make the best job we can of this short film. To show what we can do, to entertan and move you. Thank you all for your support.

We're underway.

Already five percent achieved. Thank you to our first two funders... We appreciate the support from our friends in the UK and USA.

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