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Bovina Creamcracker Buttermilk

By Studio 9


The idea for Bovina came while myself and John were on holidays in Waterford. We’d been rewatching old musicals and found ourselves dancing down the boreens to “Jet Song” from West Side Story...

Darling, how amazing would it be to make a queer animated musical?”
“Oh darling, yes, we have to!”

Giddy about the idea and chatting further we recalled an article in Gay Community News about a farmer who was frightened of coming out, and voila, the concept materialised and Bovina was born!

Our story follows a lonely farmer as he goes about his daily chores. While sweeping the yard/sheering sheep he disappears into moments of fantasy and transforms into Bovina a fabulous drag queen!  These glorious day dreams are interrupted by curious neighbours, leaving Liam to scurry off embarrassed. However, it turns out his neighbours actually LOVE IT, and organise a talent show to bring Bovina to life!

We are aiming for €10,000.  The details are outlined below.  The fees refer to Fund it fees and we will be contributing another €10,000 in terms of our own time (this is a three-month project), studio and overheads.

Studio 9 makes short animations which engage an audience, explain an idea and create excitement about a product or service. Previous clients include Beatyard/Bodytonic, Veolia, RTÉ, 100 Archives.

We have developed a super team of collaborators (scriptwriter Saorise Anton, character designer David Delauney, music and soundscapers Hugh Fowler) who are ready and eager to work on this project with us.

Our backgrounds in painting and sculpture have enabled us to develop our unique stop motion animation style. We’re continuously upskilling - most recently having completed Aardman Studio’s stop-motion course and an innovation award from Screen Ireland.

Stop motion is a painstakingly/absurdly slow technique! There is risk of going over time and running out of money. However, we have really refined this project’s pipeline and have lengthy experience of working on commercial projects with very tight delivery deadlines. Therefore, we will deliver on time and within budget.

We are crowdfunding this project because we’re in love with the story, and believe it will bring joy to a national and international audience. We dream of bringing Liam and Bovina to life, their gloriously triumphant journey can bring light and colour to themes of courage, acceptance and self-belief. This light-hearted passion project by Studio 9 will help to create a culture of diversity and inclusivity.

We can't thank you enough for taking the time to read though this project. Bringing Bovina to life is a dream for us. We hope that we have managed to convey our excitement to create this joyful animation. And, perhaps, to get you folks a little excited too!