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Sean Kennedy | Dublin

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€10 +

"Ah tennnnks ________ , you were very kind to help me put this show on". We'll print that in the programme booklet and invite you and your mates to join us at the boy WRAP PARTY. Hoorah!

€20 +

Get this- a ticket to an intimate FILM SCREENING of an 80s classic, at hidden city centre location. Byob of course.

€30 +

Feeling risky? It's a golden ticket to an exclusive PROMENADE PERFORMANCE at a secret location. (WARNING contains live music and spoken word).

€50 +

How about a one-on-one SINGING LESSON. Start the ball rolling on feeling good about those pipes you got. We'll get the basics down and then have a look at that Mariah Carey piece you've been dying to belt out.

€100 +

Sean will call to the door of your chosen loved one with a tuning fork and a hand written love letter. He will then SERENADE said victim of your obsession with an operatic aria (or song of your choice- if you really insist).

€500 +

Sean will arrange with you to perform an OPERATIC RECITAL accompanied by piano... in your home!!! Maybe you've a fancy soiree coming up? No? Why not plan one! Toi-Toi

a project by:
Sean Kennedy

This is a show called boy. It's a mixed performance piece combining opera aria, movement and text with live musicians.

"Feeling love is what keeps us going. It’s nourishment for our souls like food in the belly! Am I right?! And as my Granddad often said 'an empty sack won’t stand'.

When I sing, I leave this world. It feels like crying but it’s different. It’s like floating away but it’s rooted somewhere. And when I’m pulled back down, I’m torn from that other place and thrown into smashed cups and fists.

Through the eyes of a child, with the voice of a man, classical tenor Sean Kennedy explores domestic violence, abandonment and love."

Well who'd have thought there'd be costs mounting a professional theatre production (not me obviously!). So we need a bit of help getting this piece up and running, just the bare minimums! Here's some of the things that cost: materials for building set, props and costume, lamp rental and gels, transport, equipment, printing and promotion, public liability insurance, nightly fee for classical musicians, I'm starting to sweat... OK. It'll be fine right?!

We think the REWARDS (over there- clicky clicky) are pretty cool but any contribution would be hugely appreciated!!!

The team:
Hanna Bowe - Stage Design
Tom Kehoe - Music Director and Piano Accompanist
Doireann Coady - Mentor and dramaturgy
Dave O'Shaughnessy - Assistant producer
Sean Kennedy - Writer/ Performer

Thanks very much for having a look.