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BREAKS is a devised theatre show inspired by an incredible true story. A seemingly perfect wife, mother and daughter systematically poisons everyone around her. As the deaths at her dinner table mount up, she layers herself in thirteen corsets. We want to know why.

This is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary project created by a director, designer, dramaturge and performer. We plan to explore sensory and non-linear ways of storytelling, to expose the fundamentally gendered way in which we present stories, and the value we place on them.

Who we are:

Director Louisa Sanfey (Trifles, Foxfinder) and designer Naomi Faughnan (Daughters of the Revolution, A Lesson in When to Quit) recently collaborated on THE BELLS OF at Theatre Upstairs, which blog Unforgettable Lines described as ‘a beautifully constructed and directed piece of theatre that challenges the audience.’

For BREAKS we are working with dramaturge Emma Hughes and performer Erin Gilgen (Olympia, Gruesome Playground Injuries). We are all alumni of the Lir Academy and have been working together on this project since November 2015. In April we spent a week developing it at the Barbican Open Lab in London, and now we have the chance to premiere at Smock Alley Boys School in September – with your help!

Why we need your help:
We have already raised a significant proportion of the budget through partnerships giving us in-kind support including one week of development at the Barbican Guildhall Open Lab and rehearsal space at Fringe Lab. The money raised from crowdfunding will go towards costumes, props, lighting, and theatre magic. It will also cover photography, marketing and all the nitty gritty elements like insurance and rights that go into making a show. And it’ll cover the arsenic! (Maybe not the arsenic.)

The BREAKS team have been working on this project for many moons now and we have been overwhelmed with the trust and support people have shown us so far. Now it’s the final push to get BREAKS finished and premiere it in Dublin in September.

Crowdfunding is a partnership and we want you to become part of the Bez Kinte family. Previous funders contacted us to say “I loved getting my reward" - help fund the show and join the club! There's a lot of hard work ahead, but with your help we will get there!



BREAKS at Tiger Dublin Fringe

Dear all, We are delighted to say that following development, rehearsals, toil and months of creative effort, BREAKS is nearly ready to be seen by the glorious pubic - that's you! We premiere at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016, with a preview on Sunday 11th Sept then a run from 12th-18th Sept at Smock Alley Boys School. More information about the show including how to purchase tickets can be found here - http://www.fringefest.com/festival/whats-on/breaks Once the show is up we will start sending out rewards! So all you lovely people who supported our fundraising will be getting messages from us very soon. You can follow us on social media @BezKinte or facebook.com/BezKinte for chats, rehearsal photos, updates and more! We hope you can come see the show we've worked so hard on! Many thanks, Bez Kinte theatre company & the BREAKS team

Fourth of July - Limited Edition Reward Today Only!

For one day only on this Fourth of July - in honour of our lead actress, Erin Gilgen, who hails from Massachusetts - we are offering a special extra reward to all funders! - a written guarantee signed by the creative team that none of us will ever, under any circumstances, put arsenic in your food.* That's gotta be worth a tenner, right? *Legal disclaimer: this statement should in no way be taken to imply that failure to donate to our crowdfunding campaign today will lead to Bez Kinte members willfully, with deadly intent, lacing your food with sweet, sweet arsenic. Just to be clear, legally!

Anniversary & Development

Today marks exactly 201 years since Gesche Gottfried, the woman whose story we will explore with this show, murdered her father with arsenic in a bowl of veal soup. A lot has changed for women over the past two centuries, but we're interested in what's stayed the same. The team met up last week for some intensive script development: we're working with original text by Emma Hughes, fragments of writing or improvised material by the performers, found text like trial transcripts, Gesche's own words, social media messages, poetry and more. Slowly we're building a collage of material which will build up an impression of this extraordinary woman. Plans are under foot for a week of development in July - bringing together all three actors for the first time to devise, choreograph, build and sing. Thank you to all our supporters so far, it's thanks to people like you that we're able to work & develop as artists!

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