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BREATHE (Short Film with John Connors)

By James Doherty


------- THE STORY -------

A hardy Traveller (JOHN CONNORS) becomes increasingly concerned with his seven-year-old son’s femininity and sets about toughening him up. Breathe questions how far a man is willing to defend his family name when the one threatening his legacy is his own son. Does he have the capacity to change and accept him?

Breathe is a short film exploring LGBT issues, the Travelling community, and ultimately, the idea of accepting those around us as they are, rather than trying to force change upon them.

****** UPDATE! *******
We're still finalising some of the cast and crew so make sure to check out the Updates tab above!

------- WHY WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT -------

We’re looking to find partners who believe in promoting acceptance within LGBT and Traveller communities in order to secure the future of this story.

We believe this is an important story to tell and one that promotes tolerance and understanding. Breathe has been selected by Film London as part of a scheme to support emerging talent and we have received partial funding from them. We’ve also put in as much as possible personally and we need your support to secure the final part of our budget. Money raised will go directly into production and post-production costs (largely gear rental and crew costs) in both Ireland and the UK.

-------THE TEAM -------

DIRECTOR - James Doherty (Donegal) is Director at Greeble Studio in Camden, London. His clients include Disney, Nike and GQ and his work is expanding to include drama and commercials work.

WRITER - Theo James Krekis is currently studying an MA in Screenwriting at The London Film School. Breathe is his third short film and he’s currently working on his first feature length film, Sift.

PRODUCER - Peter ‘Frankie’ Brennan (Offaly) is a Producer currently working at Greeble Studio in Camden, London. His work includes sports documentary production, both short and feature length, along with animation for clients including Disney, Nike and GQ.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Simon Crowe (Dublin) is a DoP, Photographer and Director. Since 2009 he’s worked with big brands, agencies and production companies, shooting drama, documentaries and commercials for the likes of Unicef, Barnados and Littlewoods.

A large contingent of our team are graduates from DCU’s School of Communications and although many of us are based in the UK we feel this story needed to be told back home.


We would like to thank Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre for their script feedback, Film London for helping us develop the script (and their continued support), Film Offaly, The Irish Film Board and NI Screen for their input and Camden Collective for supporting Greeble Studio, which has been essential in the pre-production of Breathe. We’d also like to thank Jenny Schweitzer of NotableFeatures.com for permission to use her fantastic photo for our pre-shoot poster image.

Thank you.