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Breezy Gardening plant perch

By Www.designhub.ie


What is Breezy Gardening?

Breezy gardening is the name for a range of gardening products that have been designed to be a breeze to use. The initial product featured here was developed as a result of several factors. As a wheelchair user I first came up with this product to allow wheelchair bound and disabled people to participate in gardening but I soon realized the product would be great for all gardeners regardless of ability. The plant perch which is made of (HDPE) plastic attaches to all overlap type sheds and fences. These are probably the most common fence and shed type in Ireland today, have a look in your own garden or think of a friend or family members garden and you’re sure to come across this type of fence or shed.

The plant perch allows the user to use the vertical surfaces in their gardens to grow plants at a height that is comfortable to manage, it is especially convenient for disabled or elderly people.  It keeps plants out of the way of animals (a wayward labrador was also a key influence on the development of the product) and helps prevent damage to plants from slugs and snails.  The plant perch brightens up a normally plain part of the garden, when mounted vertically allows for watering of multiple plants thus saving water.  It can be used with plant pots from 12 cm/ 5 inch to 16 cm/ 7 inch in diameter and when used with the Breezy Stand, it can provide a garden for anyone even in the smallest of spaces e.g balconies, patios, conservatories, urban gardens. The product is ideal for urban dwellers as it allows them the ability to maximize use of a smaller garden with little effort.

I have the ability to design and develop the product and I am currently testing advanced prototypes.  I need your help to fund the first batch run of 1000 units, some of which will be given to pledgers as rewards. In doing this I will be able to provide the product to pledgers and start to get feedback on the product.

The product in its prototype iterations has allowed me to garden in a very confined space with little effort. Anyone who has a small garden or balcony, who has mobility difficulties or simply wants to make the most of their garden, will find the plant perch useful. With a growing trend in (GYI) grow your own the product will help people in even the most restrictive spaces create a small vegetable or herb garden on a vertical surface. Shipping costs included unless otherwise stated. Please contact me at breezygardening@gmail.com and I will calculate shipping for you on these rewards.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for helping me get this great product out there.

Noel Joyce



5% and growing

So far the project has reached 5% and I want to say thanks to everyone who has funded so far. Checkout some photos and video of the product in action here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Breezy-Gardening/152138401526928 We are working on various size stands for use with the product, so if you know anyone who maybe interested let them know about the project. Thanks I will you guys updated as I go.

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