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BROADENING is the new play by Peter Dunne, directed by Ronan Phelan and presented by Glass Doll Productions as part of the ABSOLUT Fringe from 11th – 16th September 2012 at The Lir, Pearse St, Dublin 2.

Based on The Stanford Prison Experiments in the 1970s BROADENING challenges the relationship between those who have authority and those who allow them to have it. Those who are complicit. We all know how easy is to blame those in power and ignore the fact that they are only there because we allow them to be. So what do you do? Do you take the power back?

BROADENING is a ‘call to arms’. It is easy to sit in the dark and point the finger, however starting from now, complicity is no longer an option! Let’s take control. Let’s take responsibility. Let’s not rely on others to lead us astray.


Glass Doll Productions was set up in 2010 by Aoife Moroney-Ward and Donncha O’Dea to produce theatre, film, music dance, or anything else that takes our fancy. Our first theatre production, the Irish premiere of the Tony Awards winning play I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright played to sold out houses garnering us 5-star reviews and a lot of support from the theatre going public. Our first film Won’t Somebody Think of the Children won 1st runner-up at the Dublin Pride Short Film Festival 2010 and our latest film Camera Shy is due to be released on the Irish film festival circuit.


Ronan Phelan is currently a member of the Rough Magic SEEDS programme who’s directing/assistant directing work includes Travesties (Rough Magic), Durang Durang (Brazen Tales 2011, 2012), Pocket Music (Show In A Bag – Winner Bewley’s Café Theatre “Little Gem” Award ABSOLUT Fringe 2011). Ronan has also worked with Calypso Productions, Loose Canon and Livin’ Dred.


Peter Dunne trained in Dublin Youth Theatre. During his time there, he wrote, produced and directed the plays Mirroring Angels and The Houdini and Crippen Syndrome. He has also studied with the UK based playwright Mike Kenny, and with Ferdia MacAnna in Dublin and is currently working with Graham Whybrow (Royal Court Theatre) as part of the Play On initiative co-ordinated by Dublin Theatre Festival.

In association with Bad Angel Productions he wrote and directed Before Colour as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2008. Peter wrote and directed the 1st Runner Up in the Dublin Pride Short Film Festival 2010 Won’t Somebody Think of the Children! Peter’s latest short film Camera Shy is due to tour various festivals. Both of these short films were produced by Glass Doll Productions.


By donating a small (or large) amount – whatever you can afford – you can help bring this piece of new Irish writing to the stage. Thank you in advance for your kind support and we will see you in September!



Where your money is going!

Hi all, Thank you so much to everyone who got us this far! Just to give you a quick breakdown on where your kind donations of your hard earned cash is going! We set our minimum target at €650 to cover basic costs of our production such as insurance, a basic set and a few costumes, and that is about it. Making theatre sure ain't cheap! But now that we have this initial money raised we have started BROADENING our horizons! Geddit! The more money we get donated to us the better we will be able to make the World Premiere of BROADENING. If we make an extra €300 we can hire a rehearsal room for us to work in coming up to opening night. This not only will give the cast and director a work space to concentrate on making a great play, but can also facilitate set construction, costume and prop storage and production administration. If we make an extra €450 we can do all the above and can get the specific sound equipment we need to make BROADENING the most memorable Fringe show this year. And if we get an extra €600 we can cover all the above and our administration and printing costs. That includes programmes, posters, flyers, viral videos etc. As you see now, only because you have donated we are able to bring this new play by Peter Dunne to life. Our production is a real team effort and now that includes everyone who has given their money to the productions. We are all a theatrical team! All we can say for the moment is THANK YOU to our funders for all your help so far, and if you are reading this and considering donating please be aware that we will be ever so grateful and now you know where your money will go! Have a nice day all y'all. The Glass Dolls! xx

Almost 2 weeks on FUNDIT!

Hi all, Well we are coming up to our two week anniversary on Fundit and what a two weeks it's been! We cannot get over the generosity we have seen so far from all our funders and all our friends posting the link to their social media sites. I hope all of our funders have enjoyed your special THANK YOU posts on Facebook. If you haven't seen yours yet it's simply because we never thought we would have such support and our little fingers are finding it to write all the thank you notes in such quick succession! If you haven't seen your THANK YOU yet it will be out there for the world to see in a few days! Here at GD HQ things are going great. Peter is busy tweeking bits of his masterpiece, Ronan is mulling over casting and the Glass Dolls are enjoying every minute of pulling everything together on the production side of things! We will keep you up to date with everything that is going on. Once again thanks for your support, spread the word, and hopefully we will wee you at the world premiere of BROADENING, The Lir Studio 2, 11th - 15th September 2012. Dolls, over and out! Aoife and Donncha xx

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