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Build a Cookery School

By Pat Lalor


Hello! My name is Pat and Id like to tell you about Pats Kitchen. My goal is to set up a small cookery school to teach children, teens and adults how to cook and also service varous events within my community eg: communions, confirmations, cooking demos, unislim classes, fund raisers, school visits, general outdoor catering. Cooking is fun and has always been a passion of mine since I helped my mum bake cakes in our kitchen as a young teenager. Its how most chefs start and now I hope to bring that experience to a wider and younger audience through my classes and workshops.

I intend to also set up a mobile kitchen so I can bring my kitchen to yours to cater for private parties and functions which will involve kids birthday parties, the pizza and

Knickerbocker Glory Parties are proving very popular, all freshly made and tasty. The first step is getting a good base kitchen to work from with proper refridgeration systems and HACCP compliant. This is the most challenging part and using my experience I know that I have the knowledge and skills to bring my kitchen alive.

I have over 30 years experience as a professional chef, I have worked in several Michelin starred restaurants and have developed a huge knowledge and passion of food that I just want to share through my teachings. I always found cooking to be fun and challenging, my aim through my teaching is to help people to take a relaxed approach to food and find their own personal taste through experimenting and my guidance.

I have been travelling to and from Dublin for years to various jobs and working the long hours. In December of last year my wife passed away through cancer. I have 2 girls, Sarah 15years old and Anna 13 years old. They need their Dad to be home with them and I don’t have the option of travelling to and from Dublin anymore and have decided to be here with my girls

I am crowdfunding for this project because I don’t have the financial backup to make it happen alone. Whilst I believe that once it is set up and running that it will sustain itself as I have the experience and drive to make it happen

As a professional chef I believe that to do something that you have to do it right. Layout, lighting and equipment and how to cleverly use space is key to a good kitchen. If successful the kitchen itself would cost 8000 euro. Equipment and refrigeration would be another 3000 euro. That extra 1000 euro is for public liability insurance, marketing purposes through website, posters, facebook ads, business cards, newspaper ads

You can find our business on twitter, facebook, website I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me and taking the time to read about us and hopefully we will get to cook together in the near future. Pat



A few days left

Well looking at the progress of my fundit project I would like to thank those who contributed to try and make this dream a reality, whilst not conceding defeat I can only hope that somebody out there can help me at the last moment. Even if this doesent succeed I plan to work hard to make something happen along the lines of a cookery school in my own kitchen. Once again I would like to thank Ross Lewis, Paul Flynn, Fergus Dowd and Declan Maxwell for giving their services to help me and to those people who so kindly pledged towards my campaign. Pat

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