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Build A Church With Rory Tangney

By Rory Tangney


An award-winning artist, I am currently based in Cork City. For the past two years or so I have been re-inventing my practice, learning new means of expression and exploration that allow me to work more effectively and with greater freedom. Drawing on all my experiences and skills, I come forward with this project which has already opened up new realms for me, even at its current stage. It has taken me to unexpected places, and I want to press it home, to find what else lies within this train of thought, to see where it might lead.

It has included, to date, much 2-dimensional work (drawings and photographs), as well as performance and song; it has included investigations into sound and light, as well as the design of sculptural/architectural form; all this in the effort to understand how we negotiate the fear in our lives, individually and collectively.

By way of an alter-ego, 'Glory', I explore my own fear – what is it that holds me back, that prevents me from becoming all that I could be? I strive to understand my own experience, in a personal and in a cultural context.

'Glory' is not so much a fallen hero, as a thwarted one. Full of promise and dreams of glory, his ambitions have never become anything more than that. For he has succumbed to his fear - his fear of expression, of failure, of himself, and of the world around him. This fear controls him and his entire outlook. The 'cage' that he lives in is a product of his own mind, though no less limiting for that. He is in thrall to his fear, and even though he has an awareness of his situation, he can never quite rise above it.

The installation I will build is a manifestation of his state of mind - the last strength is finally sapped from his will. He no longer has anything left to counter his fear, so he embraces it fully, makes it his all, his God. And he will build this monument, this church, in this God's honour.

This funding will cover the costs of production, including materials and equipment rental, as well as the promotional expenses required to make this a success on which I can build in the future.

More imagery and text is to be found on my website -
www.rorytangney.com - including examples of drawings/photographs that will make up the rewards. ‘Build Your Church On The Strength Of Your Fear’ is also on Facebook. Rewards will be fulfilled within 3 months of completion of project.