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I have being involved in the underground music and festival scene for around the last 10 years renting tents, organizing club nights, small private parties and playing or helping out at many events over the years. I know the whole scene inside out .I really need a venue to make some music and visual art for clubs and events and also to promote festivals and all the local talent in the midlands and west of Ireland. I also want to have a proper little studio for making music and hopefully starting a record label. All a big pipedream but sure it has to start somewhere. I have also being playing and jamming for 15 years on hardware synths and drum machines and want to try release some proper music . The studio would be used for live shows to showcase the talent and do some festival promotions and some live online link dj or producer sets. Please please help me get this started Ireland is full of wicked electronic artists.

The money raised would go towards

Rent of a space in Athlone
Proper studio monitors and a mixing desk
Lighting and projector
Dance license
Advertisement of the project
Mastering of music
Artists travel and food costs
The aim is to release the first ep, have 1 launch night and 2 electronic arts and music displays

Here is a list of producers, dj's, crews and artists who will be involved in the first 4 months

Welfare (jungle boogie) dj/producer/promoter
jonesy (rise-up) dj/ promoter
drokkr (badman press music group)dj/producer
Furian dj/produce
Pengy dj/ visual artist
Flicker (artbyflick) dj/graffiti artist
Shook Norris (bustamove) dj/producer
Paddy Harney (hotbox) dj/producer/promoter
Danny H (hotbox) dj/promoter
Tammi Argent visual artist/promoter
Declan Ryan visual artist



I will be aiming have the launch night before the end of October and to release the first EP before 31/12/2015. I will host a music and arts night at the end of every month after the launch night.

I have some producers coming from different parts of the country and will have to pay bus fairs and feed them etc.

I will also be putting 1000 euro into this myself and have a big-top festival tent and an army tent to use for events and could use the the whole package together for festivals during the summer months and hopefully i can then allow some Irish talent get a break at some of the bigger festivals and clubs around the country. The tent is the one in the picture

I believe artists should be looked after for their time and effort and this is why i need help from fundit. This is for a very good cause and some very talented people are jumping on board

Thanks for reading my project i really hope you like the idea