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You will receive a ‘THANK YOU’ in the end credits of the film.

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We will send you a copy of the script signed by the writer and director, and will ‘thank you’ in the end credits.

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As well as all of the above, we will also send you a digital download of the film on completion of its festival run.

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Art lover? We have an authentic Damien Hirst ‘Butterfly’ wallpaper panel to give away and at this level you are automatically entered into the draw to win it – the draw will only take place on successful completion of the campaign. On top of this you will also receive an exclusive still from the shoot, and everything else listed above.

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Are you a screenwriter, or is there a screenwriter in your life? If so send us your short or feature script (max 120 pages, 1 script per backer) and we will send back constructive feedback. You will also receive a ‘SPECIAL THANKS’ in the end credits, an exclusive signed still from the shoot, everything else listed above, and are included in the draw to win the art.

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You will be credited as an ‘EXECUTIVE PRODUCER’ in the OPENING CREDITS and on IMDb. We will also invite you and a friend to both the premiere screening and the first private screening for the cast and crew. You will also receive everything else listed above, and you are in the draw to win the Butterfly art as well.

a project by:
Cathal Black

Leonard, a lonely probation officer, estranged from his wife, is faced with the difficult task of writing a report on Teri, a young, hot-tempered graphic designer who has convictions for minor theft. A clash of personalities in their first meeting sets the tone for what's to come, and, over the course of their series of meetings, Leonard’s need to help her brings about more conflict as Teri stubbornly rejects his methods and uses his personal failings to keep him at arms length. As his patience runs out, Leonard drops his professional approach and makes one final attempt to break through to her. Teri’s acceptance or rejection of his helping hand will see her released from the dark past she has lived with for years, or condemn her to continue in her downward spiral.

Cathal Black will direct this short/long film (30-40 mins). Cathal’s first film, Wheels (1976), was an adaptation of a John McGahern story, and was followed by Our Boys (1980), a documentary about Christian Brothers education in Ireland, then Pigs (1984), a black comedy set in a Dublin squat. In 1995 his film Korea - also based on a McGahern story - won the Jury Prize at the Amiens Film Festival and the Asta Nielsen Award at the Copenhagen Film Festival, and came runner-up for best film at the Seattle Film Festival. In 1998 he produced Invisible World, a documentary about a spiritual healer, then directed Love & Rage in 1999; a feature film which mixed romance and horror. In 2007 Cathal directed Learning Gravity (aka The Undertaking) which was officially selected for the Telluride Film Festival, the Cologne Film Festival, and the San Francisco and LA Irish Festival. It won the silver trophy at the New York Television Festival, The Michigan Award at the Michael Moore Film Festival and was nominated for an IFTA. Most recently Cathal produced acclaimed short Irish Folk Furniture, which won the Best Animated Short Film award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Butterfly was written by playwright Neil Donnelly. Denis Conway (The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Quirke, Garage) and Antonia Campbell-Hughes (The Other Side of Sleep, Kelly + Victor, 3096 Days) star. We recently completed the week long shoot with Fionn Comerford (Harry Potter, Penny Dreadful) attached as director of photography, and Philippe Faujas (Eden) on sound, however, in order to realize the script in the most engaging and immersive way, we need your help.

Personal funds were used to film the short and so the money raised will cover post-production costs such as editing, music, sound mixing, effects and the colour grade. In exchange for your pledges we have some unique rewards on offer and promise to deliver a high quality, independent, Irish short film which will go on to compete on the international stage.

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