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Buying four drawings by Bea McMahon

By Irish Museum Of Modern Art


We are really excited about the potential of Fund it to develop Ireland’s permanent collection of contemporary art. This is the first instance of crowdfunding of a work of art for the National Collection in our history. If we are successful, this purchase will be seen as the first within a series of projects. We see it as a cultural initiative which belongs to the people of Ireland, and allows them to continue supporting our artists.

For our first project, we have identified a suite of 4 key works by Dublin-based artist Bea McMahon which we would like to acquire. These are:

The Present, 2008;

A Safe Place to Keep Money, 2008;

Exit, 2008

A 21st Century arrangement of Mount Purgatory, 2008.

Why have we chosen Bea? Because she is a dynamic young artist whose work will be an excellent addition to the Collection in the context of the burgeoning younger generation of Irish artists whose work is seen increasingly on the international stage.

The suite of paper works from which these four have been chosen were displayed as part of an exh ibition entitled Present that was shown in Green on Red Gallery in 2008. ‘Einstein believed that there was no absolute simultaneity; he stated that the distinction between past, present and future were illusionary.’ Bea explores such ideas through a visual narrative. She invokes Dante’s epic poem The Divine Comedy and these four drawings provide a visual lexicon for Dante’s journey with Virgil and Beatrice through hell, purgatory and paradise.

Bea has successfully established herself as a contemporary artist who manages to maintain a keen sensitivity toward her audience whilst retaining a distinct method of addressing them.

They captured our imagination immediately and we have been seeking to acquire them for IMMA ever since.

Bea McMahon was born in Ireland in 1972. She received a Masters in Visual Arts Practice from IADT in 2007. Prior to that, she completed a primary degree in pure mathematics at TCD (1994) and a Masters degree in mathematical physics at UCD (1997). She was awarded a Visual Artist Bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland in 2005, 2006 and 2008. In 2007 she was awarded the Curated Visual Artist Award from the Arts Council of Ireland.

You can see full details of the suite of four works by Bea on the following link on our Facebook page.

If successful, this process will also ensure that our acquisition process is rooted firmly in the present. and Bea’s work will go on display in IMMA following its purchase for all backers to see. If we exceed our funding target, the funds will be put toward our next crowdfunding campaign.

We’d like to thank all of our micro-philanthropists in advance for their support.

Christina Kennedy | Senior Curator: Head of Collections & Hugo Jellett | Head of Development

Irish Museum of Modern Art