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About Us
Hi my name is Nicola Kealy and I run Rhythm Room: A space for integrated theatre and extra support needs. Rhythm Room was set up in 2009 by myself and Mischa O' Mahony to facilitate the growth and development of budding actors and actresses with an intellectual disability.

Rhythm Room runs weekly theatre workshops and we make integrated theatre. "What is integrated theatre?", I hear you say. Well it means that our Actors, Set Designers, Idea Makers, Dancers and Musicians are a mixture of able bodied and disabled truly talented people! Our work to date has been mainly for the open eyes and ears of children and has been interactive in its approach - meaning the audience takes part.

We have worked with theatre companies from Prague and Germany and ran our own fairytale festival in Airfield House and Gardens, Dundrum, Dublin. We are breaking new ground and challenging ourselves with our current production CAN I FIT INTO THIS?

This new piece of work has been devised by the company and has come out of extensive work on the Myth of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave. In the context of CAN I FIT INTO THIS? The Myth of Baba Yaga represents support, strength and the willingness to look in the mirror at the long reflection of oneself and ask the questions: Can I fit into this? Where do I fit into this? What do I have to say for myself? What do I want to say? How do I want to be heard? Will anybody listen when I speak? Does my voice carry any weight or is it floating on the wind? Through the support of the group and the facilitation process the actors have shared their stories and created a landscape for their stories to live, breathe and speak for themselves.

Through the creative process we are looking at the notion of being ‘boxed off’ and how the stories of the company may challenge the way in which the audience puts itself into a box, through its thoughts and preconceptions. We are wondering if our stories are all that different from yours or do they reflect the struggle and desire of all human beings to be seen, heard, accepted and valued for who they are?

How can you help?
We are short €1,200 which we need to complete the project comfortably. We have self funded the project so far with the actors working on a profit share basis and the set etc. will be made from recycled materials on a tiny budget by people with a severe intellectual disability.

In supporting our work you are not only lending a financial hand but you are (to coin a well known phrase) saying "You're worth it!" As the Artistic Director of Rhythm Room, I believe our work is "worth it" on many levels: social, creative and developmental. I hope that you can share this belief too and support us as we continue to evolve.
Nicola Kealy



Whoo Hoo

Well we have done it and not only that we have exceeded the target amount! If you know of any last minute stragglers who would still love to fund us encourage them to do so as every penny will be spent on making CAN I FIT INTO THIS? The best it can possibly be :-) Thanks again to you all for your generosity and goodwill. We're off to Smock Alley tomorrow to check out the space :-) Chat soon! Nicola

Nearly there!

Hello All, Well we are nearly there!! Thank you all so much for your support and vote of confidence..we are smiling from ear to ear :-) Rehearsals are going great! The pace is picking up, the cast are limbering up and we are looking forward with excitement and butterflies to the big night! Nicola :-)


Hey Ya'll check out www.rhythmroom.tumblr.com for some quotes from the cast. N

15 Days To Go!

Hello All, there are 15 days to go and we are 79% funded. While we are on track there is the possibility that we still might not make our target. If you know of anyone who would be interested in funding us please put out the word. It would be a shame if we missed our target at this stage, Thanks again for all your support. Nicola.

Sunny evenings :-)

Hello all, As you can see we are nearly at our target! Thank you all so much your generosity speaks volumes. Rehearsals are still going well and we are on target. I am extremely proud of the actors, they never fail to amaze me with their: talent, integrity, bravery and desire to be better actors. Ciao for now! Nicola

Working Hard

Another great rehearsal today with lots of new developments. The cast are finding out new things about their characters all the time and its mesmerizing watching them develop and grow. Jenny Cleary is busy working on the set and props and we are "steady as she goes!"

Mid week update

Hi all! We are doing great and are almost at the halfway mark already. I hope the momentum keeps up :-) We had a super rehearsal this week and I really saw how much the actors have developed over this past year. There is excitement and great dedication in the rehearsal room..just the ingredients a director needs.

A great start!

Thanks to all the donators - your generosity has gotten us off to a great start :-)

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