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Candlelight: U18 Short Film

By FilmGorillas


I have started this Fund it project for my son Sean who has a real interest in film. This is his second short film and Sean describes it below.

Years after they last met, Liam once again meets the suicidal protagonist Ethan, or at least that`s what this mysterious character claims his name is. But Ethan is obsessed with an idea, an idea which everyone has conceived at some point in their own lives, is there an afterlife?

Director Seán Creagh (16): " I had the idea a while ago, of people investigating something that wasn't there & being left ambiguous. Of course it came to me we all think about one unanimous thing, the aftermath. What happens after death. I wrote a couple of drafts and all of a sudden these two characters investigating the Church and graveyard became a lot more interesting, and then they became the story. It's the ending though, that's what'll get to people."

A very relevant story of today as people's views on religion has begun to change, our new distributor for U21 film makers- FilmGorillas, hopes to truly hit home with both other film creators and the general public what a creative young group of film makers can achieve today. Film Gorillas is a new distritution platform which was created by Eoin Byrne & Sean Creagh fairly recently (three weeks ago to be precise) and hopes to open up marketing/distribution for new film makers. We are open to any new film maker coming to us to pitch their film idea, both shorts/features & by donating you increase your chances of it getting made!

All of our rewards/donations will be dealt out promptly and to a very high standard, and FilmGorillas is very excited to share these rewards with you! We personally recommend the €50 package to get a full flare for the film, and the €100 if you are interested in making a high-profile film with our creators into the future to get some exposure on your own career ;)

Candlelight we want to be our big debut picture, and with more short films in development, and we want it to be a big success to encourage more U21 to get involved in film making. That's where you come in. By pledging to this project you are helping finish the editing, the marketing of the film/FilmGorillas brand, and allowing the short film to be accepted to as many film festivals as possible. Funding this project will allow us to grow, and for all other young film makers out there, your contribution will expand our own industry to allowing you to be recognised. 

Candlelight is not just a scrawny short film by teenagers, we want it to be a picture by a new generation who are opening the gates to so many more. I hope you see our vision.

For an questions like/share our facebook page and then message our team there, thanks for considering us. :)



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