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CandlewoodBakery New Allergen Safe Space

By Eibhlín Thornton


Hi, I'm Eibhlín and I am the owner of Candlewood Bakery, an allergy friendly baking business. I started baking for my son who has multiple food allergies when he was diagnosed in 2008. I know from experience how hard it is to find cute, fun and delicious food that I can trust for my family.

Coming from a 'MacGyver' type of family (if you need something and it doesn't exist, figure out a way to make it!) I relished the challenge and I have developed recipes that can be tailored to accommodate all allergies. I started a blog called Eibhls Bakes and based on the feedback of my readers, and some pushing from my friends and family, I gave up my job of 12 years in a call centre and set up Candlewood Bakery. One of the biggest things that Candlewood Bakery stands for in inclusion and I love being able to provide families with delicious cakes and treats so that nobody feels like they are missing out when it comes to celebrations. I have met so many amazing families who struggle everyday with allergies and other challenges and their confidence in me and my cakes is so encouraging.

The business has gone from strength to strength since 2015 and now my kitchen is struggling to keep up with demand!

We are opening a gluten free production space that will enable us to make even more safe cakes for our growing customer base. The space will also be nut and peanut free. We will run this space at the same time as running the home based bakery for our non-gluten free customers. In order to kit out the new gluten free home for Candlewood Bakery we need some equipment. We are crowdfunding for this equipment in order to set up this space as soon as possible. 

What We Need:

  • An oven (€1200)
  • A great big mixer  (€950)
  • A sink. (including plumbing/installation €200)
  • Work surfaces and cooling racks  (€970)
  • Storage (€1100)
  • Baking tins, whisks, spatulas, graters, bowls, knives, chopping boards (€1100)


Thank you so much for reading! If you do choose the support our project you’ll be helping us to provide yummy, safe cakes to even more people and they’d also like to thank you!