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Captivate Renaissance

By The Project Syndrome


I have been working on this collection of poems for the past six years. I have recently submitted some sample poems to publishers and they have agreed to see the entire collection. If it is successful I then buy 250 copies at a reduced price. The amount I would be asked to put forward if I am successful is 1,500 Euro. So let me continue by giving a more detailed description of the project.

"Captivate Rennaisance" is a book of poems that is divided into two parts. The first section is called, "Tales of Hardship". The second part is called "Songs of Virtue".

"Tales of Hardship" deals with the woes of Irish life, the difficulties we face in our society both on a personal and cultural level. It examines the harshness of winter and economic destitution. It gives a voice to the young adult male and sees him express his anger, his confusion, his ambition and feelings of hopelessness in an over populated and badly resourced society.

"Tales of Hardship" delves deep into the core of our national consciousness and cries in despair. It presents the claustrophobic reality that we are in fact trapped in the confines of an obsolete and tragically violent, cold and unforgiving male identity. It has no resolution to offer us as a reader. It is dissillusioned, maladjusted and bitter with recurring hints of a very threatening and potentially dangerous outcome.

"Songs of Virtue" turns all of that on its head. It is a celebration of a rebirth in a newfound love. The voice has had time to review his argument and has discovered a more mature and positive reflection of who we are. It has taken time to consider the argument presented in "Tales of Hardship" and has responded with a sound and liberating argument. It is a symphony of acceptance and aknowledgement that if we accept our mulitcultural society that Ireland's future is one of promise and great opportunity for future generations.

"Songs of Virtue" could possibly be overpositive and naive. It has a very personalized and specific view of what Ireland should be and rejects the notion of how traditional Ireland is rejecting and infact retaliating against the foreign influence of our new country image.

To summarize this project is a reflection of who Ireland were in the past and how it was failing to uphold the image given to us by our forefathers. There are very strong feelings of betrayal of our heritage in search of a new ideal that is more promising for future our generations.
There is a sense of despair and uncertainty for Ireland's cultural identity expressed and no resolution can be found with what is defined as Irish.

Only when by a stroke of divine intervention and economical renewal that beckons foreign investment and mass immigration can we see a glimmer of hope for our future. This cry of hope is naive and premature but is sincere and enduring in its determination to provide a better future for our new Ireland. As you hear this voice so eager to improve you cannot help but agree with it.