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Capturing Our Capital

By Rebecca Bermingham


Capturing our Capital is a documentary to be produced by final year DIT Media Arts documentary students. The project is to be directed by Rebecca Bermingham and produced by Seamus Waters. Both of us are dedicated film students with a desire to produce this project to the highest standard possible.

This proposed documentary, entitled Capturing our Capital, is focused around the idea of leaving a disposable camera in various locations around Dublin with the intention of allowing people to use it freely. The goal of the documentary is to capture snapshots of life in Dublin and to watch people interacting with the camera and observing how they choose what to direct the lens at.

The documentary will hopefully show diversity within people of Dublin with no two photos being the same as well the interaction between passers by and the camera. As viewers we watch the interaction, learning more about Dublin, it's landscape and its people. The aim of the documentary is to have a reflection of Dublin in 2013 through a series of photographs captured by the citizens of Dublin themselves. The film will be observational in style and will also include stylistic shots revealing Dublin city to the viewer. Once the sense of place is established the disposable camera would be revealed and we watch as people acknowledge and subsequently use it.

The project requires your participation to fulfill its potential. It will require the purchasing of many disposable cameras as well as specialized recording equipment to capture the interaction between members of the public and our disposable cameras. Following this the cost of developing the prints to sufficient quality is high and wouldn't be possible without support. The project will also occur costs in post production to bring it to such a quality that it can be presented at film festivals upon completion.

We appreciate all your support in bringing this project to life.