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CD: Music of 16th Century Ireland

By Siobhan Armstrong


MUSIC of IRELAND Vol. I: The 16th Century

Hello! This is the debut recording of The Irish Consort, which I direct. It is the first CD in my new, ground breaking recording project. The complete series will present the music of early Ireland 1500 to1800: historical Irish repertory together with the music of the non-Gaelic inhabitants. It is the first recording of its kind and brings together the passion and expertise of some of the best historical and traditional Irish musicians, with the finest international early music performers in the field.

Forgotten gems of 16th century Irish music and the exquisite music of the Tudor and Elizabethan colonists of the period:

• The first ever recording of early Irish plainchant by an Irish plainchant schola accompanied by early Irish harp.
• Repertoire from Henry VIII’s Songbook, which may have been familiar in the Pale and the earliest Tudor plantations in Ireland.
• Some of the oldest extant Irish harp music: ancient preludes and laments, and compositions of the 16th century Irish harper, Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin.
• Reconstructions of some of the earliest surviving songs in the Irish language.
• The earliest known Irish dances preserved in English MSS and early printed collections.
• Lute and consort songs by two of the greatest English Elizabethan composers, John Dowland and William Byrd, whose works would have been performed at home by the aristocratic English colonists.
• Polyphonic instrumental consort music composed by Cormacke McDermott, the first Irish harper employed at the Elizabethan court at the end of the 16th century, reconstructed from manuscript part books and recorded here, for the first time, by a viol consort with Renaissance lute and early Irish harp.

John Elwes:   Tenor
Róisín O’Grady:   Soprano
Áine Ní Dhroighneáin:   Sean-nós singer
Fredrik Bock:   Renaissance Lute
Laoise O’Brien:   Recorders
Sarah Groser, Reiko Ichise & Sylvie Moquet:   Viols
Siobhán Armstrong:   Early Irish harp & late medieval bray harp

The Irish Consort Plainchant Scola:
Paul McGough, Greg Skidmore, Eunan McDonald & Timothy Murphy

The CD has been recorded. The Arts Council of Ireland’s Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network, generously supported it, helping with artists’ fees, international travel and accommodation for many of the thirteen performers involved. The completion of the project now needs €11,000 to cover the costs of venue hire, sound engineering, post-production editing and mastering, CD + booklet production, and marketing.

I'll be just thrilled if you choose to fund this unique project; I hope that you will feel real satisfaction in knowing that you are in at the start of something very special that's never happened before: your support will enable me to shine a light on the most ancient, noble and exquisite musical cultures ever heard on the island of Ireland and you can feel content that you are doing your part to support and encourage those of us who wish to restore these illustrious musical treasures to the world.

With all my best wishes,




We made it!

Hello. My apologies that you haven't heard from me in a while: I didn't realise that from the very moment the Fundit ended, that it wouldn't be possible for me to post updates for two weeks or so, until Fundit sorted out the logistics of the funders payments etc. In the final 12 hours of its six-week run,the project went from 75% of the goal to 101%, with the final 10% in the last hour or so. Talk about nerve-wracking! It felt extraordinary to have you all whisk me to the successful finish line and I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all 134 of you who made this all come to pass: I cannot thank you enough for the generosity of your contributions and for the huge support structure that you put in place to get the project from start to finish. I'm utterly bowled over and very humbled. This recording is the first of its kind. It couldn't happen without you. It's now happening because of you. I hope, when you hear it, that it will make you proud that you are part of it. MíLE BUíOCHAS / THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Siobhan x

90 % !

Good morning. Well, it certainly is a nail-biting finish! I was completely bowled over at the jump from 75% to 90% in the funding, when I woke up this morning. I couldn't really take in the figure I was looking at on the screen. It's hard to describe how I feel right now. We're going to make it! I am so grateful to each one of you. Thank you. Siobhan

70 % and rising ...

Hello everyone! This project will end shortly and I want to thank all our new funders who have joined us at the eleventh hour and who have got us to beyond 70% of the target. That's fantastic; thank you all so much. Let's see what tomorrow brings! Siobhan x PS I haven't been able to link to the lovely article The Irish World newspaper in Britain did about this campaign; I'll try to find it online yet and let you know ...

We're at 60% now!

So we're getting there; slowly but surely! Thank you so much to the new supporters of this project whose kind generosity has now got us to the 60% mark. Woo hoo! Four days to go. Fingers crossed and work carrying on behind the scenes to make sure we get to 100% in time. There will, for example, be an article about this fundraiser in tomorrow's Irish World newspaper in Britain. You'll probably be able to access it on http://www.theirishworld.com from tomorrow, if you're curious. With my best wishes and thanks, Siobhan x

We've hit €6,000!

Hello! Good news: you have very kindly supported my CD funding project and your generosity has now got the fund to 55%. We've just passed the €6,000 mark. I'm hugely grateful to you all. Thank you. There are just six days left so if you'll forgive me, I'm going to ask one more time for your publicity help with this. If you would consider telling three friends about the project, who might find it interesting, and perhaps why you chose to support it, then I would be grateful. If you can tweet about it or share it on Facebook or post it to relevant Facebook groups of which you know, then that would also be a big help. Thank you! Siobhan x

The campaign hits the halfway mark!

Hello. I've very happy news to share with you: the campaign has just tipped over the 50% mark. The cup is now definitely half full. : - ) I send huge thanks to the new funders, who have now built on the generous, solid foundations of the previous supporters. There is a long way to go yet, in a shortish space of time, but it's a wonderful feeling to be on the far side of the 50% mark. I am very grateful to you all. Thank you! I spent today publicizing the campaign to Irish news and media outlets in the UK and the USA, on the suggestion of one of you. Let's see how much that helps us on our way; I'll keep you posted. If you know of anyone you think I ought to contact, then please do let me know; I'm all ears! Siobhan x

40 % and rising. : - )

Hello everyone! After a busy week working on this campaign, I'm just delighted to announce that we've now passed the 40% mark! This is due to all you wonderful new funders adding to the generosity of the kind people who have supported the campaign over the last few weeks. The campaign ends only two weeks from today and so we're not home and dry yet. I don't like to point out that, unless I reach my target, I don't get any of the money pledged so far, but that's how Fundit works. Could I ask you to 'share' the campaign link on Facebook, Twitter etc., post it to relevant FB groups, and/or email three friends whom you think might find it of interest? This is the URL: http://fundit.ie/project/activity/cd-music-of-16th-century-ireland Thank you so much for your help. Siobhan x

Another milestone!

The campaign has just tipped over the €4,000 mark! My enormous thanks go to all of you for getting us to this point. There's a way to go yet so please keep spreading the word if you can. Thank you. Hugs to all of you - Siobhan x

30 % !

The project is almost 1/3 funded; I'm so delighted. Thank you to all you kind people who have supported it so far.

A Milestone on the Way

The project has arrived at a major milestone: it's now 25% funded! Thank you to all of you who have supported the fundraiser to help it get to this. There's now a month left to go and I'll be working hard to get to 50% as soon as possible. Thanks, everyone!

We're climbing!

Thanks so much to the generous new funders who have got the project to the 15% mark. : - )

The first milestone on the road

Woo hoo! My project just passed the 10% mark in pledges. A big thank you to you kind people who have got me this far. Siobhán

Typo ...

Tried to type "And we're off!" there in the first update but it came out without the apostrophe. Arrghh ... : - D

And we're off!

Close to the end of Day 1 and I'm 5% of the way there already, thanks to the generosity of the first dozen funders, some of whom I don't even know personally. Wow! Thank you so much. Siobhán

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