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Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette

By Eileen O'Duffy


In September 2021, I self-published From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes, bathing in Dún Laoghaire through the ages and raised €10,200 through Fund It. The book was very well received, selling over 700 copies before the Christmas season. It even made a splash on the Ryan Tubridy Show and Joe Duffy’s Liveline. I enjoyed the entire experience so much I decided to write a second book about Dún Laoghaire. This time, I wanted to focus on the elegant lifestyle of the past. 

Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette is a similarly styled luxurious coffee table book. It is A4 landscape size with a laminated hard cover, 160 pages printed on 150gsm silk paper, with lots of beautiful photographs, many in full colour. 

Wining, dining and dancing in Dún Laoghaire through the ages

The small village of Dunleary was transformed beyond recognition when the new harbour was built in the early nineteenth century. The new town was called Kingstown and later Dún Laoghaire, and became the main mail and passenger link with England and the golden gate to Ireland. Dún Laoghaire was not only the point of arrival and departure, it was also a stylish and fashionable destination in its own right and one of the most popular seaside resorts in Europe.

Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette is a journey back in time to a golden era where local residents and visitors wined and dined in the yacht clubs, restaurants and hotels along the waterfront, and danced in the Pavilion, the ballrooms and the nightclubs. It provides an insight into the symbiotic relationship between the harbour and the town and how this helped it to evolve into an elegant and glamorous centre of hospitality and entertainment, a "Dublin Riviera".  

What are the benefits of preordering?

I am not looking for donations/pledges. Simply preorder Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette to support the publication of this book. There will be a limited number of 1,000 copies of the book published. Supporters who preorder a book/s will be invited to attend a launch to collect their books at the Vico in the Queens Dalkey, in late September/early October 2022 TBC. The list of supporters will be included in the book. 


Each book costs €35. If you want to order more than one copy, please calculate as follows:
1 book €35
2 books €70
3 books €105
4 books €140 etc.

How will the money be used?

The target of €9,500 includes the cost of printing, typesetting, design and image licenses. It also includes an eight percent fee charged by Fund It.

How will I collect the book?

If you are unable to attend the launch, I will post regular updates here on Fund It with details of collection points and dates. I can also arrange delivery in the local Dún Laoghaire area. Please note books will not be posted.

Thanks everybody for all the support and encouragement to date.



Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette

The books have just arrived and here’s the photo evidence!

I’d like to invite you all to the Vico (over the Queens in Castle Street Dalkey) from 5-7pm on Thursday 13 October to collect your books at the launch.  I am really looking forward to meeting up and thanking you in person. I will sign the books in advance in order to avoid queues and delays but I can add any personal messages if required. There will also be books on sale as some people have contacted me about this. If you cannot attend in person, please try and arrange for somebody to collect your book. I am afraid there won’t be real champagne, cocktails and Crêpes Suzette (!) but there will be bar service and there is also a restaurant downstairs if anybody is hungry. 

After the launch I will have a look at the remaining people who were unable to attend and email you to arrange delivery/collection. You have all taken the time and trouble to preorder books in advance and it will be my priority to ensure you get them as soon as possible.   

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement. I am looking forward to meeting up soon. 

‘Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette’ is a limited edition and the remaining copies of the book will be on sale in Dalkey News, Castle Street Dalkey, along with ‘From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes’, my other book. 




Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette

I ended up buying a few books myself (!) but we have made it over the line. Thanks again to you all for the support and encouragement, you have made the book happen. You will have received e mails earlier on from Fund It to say that payment has been deducted from your account as no pledges were collected before the campaign finished. 

I am typing up the list of supporters to include in the book and going through final proofs at the moment. I expect the book to go to print next week. The books are due for delivery about four weeks later. I will post an update here when the books arrive with details of the launch and collection.  




Champagne, Cocktails and Crêpes Suzette

Thanks everybody for all the support and encouragement so far. We have just over a week to go at the time of writing so I wanted to give an update on progress. Some of the book layout proofs have just arrived from Claire O’Donovan in Lettertec and they are simply beautiful.  Here’s a sneak peek:Please share information about the book with any friends who might be interested and encourage them to preorder online before Wednesday 7 September instead of waiting to buy the book in the shops as funding is needed upfront before the book gets to the shops.   

Hopefully everything will go according to plan and I look forward to meeting up with you all at the launch in late September/early October. I’ll post updates here with details.


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