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..Change Your Life

By Corgrigg Hill Films





If you could go back over your life and change just one thing, what would it be?  


Henry Martin has lived a pretty uneventful existence.  He never lived up to his full potential, never got his dream job or held onto his dream girl but now he has a chance to fix all that. Henry has won a lottery where the prize is a trip back in time to change just one thing he did in his past.  Travelling back is easy - trying to figure out what one moment to go back to in order to fix everything, that's a different story... 


Getting It Made:

This film has been in development for 5 years. The script won various awards and was shortlisted for funding schemes multiple times and we finally got tired of waiting for someone else to give it the green light, so decided to make it ourselves.  And when we say ourselves, we're including you in that statement (hopefully).  We have secured partial backing from the Fingal County Arts Office which was wonderful and another vote of confidence that this story should be told.  However, we need a further €5,000 to actually go into production and need your help through this crowd funding campaign to get there. 


"Superb script, resonant and self-reflecting - I always love a film where you ask the question ‘what would I do if I were in that position?’ This script delivers in spades." 
Darrell Kavanagh (MD, Image Now Films)
"A wonderfully unique script that is all heart."
Jameson First Shot Award

When & Where:

We will be shooting in Dublin, Ireland in January & February 2019 and expect to have the film completed by end of first quarter 2019 in time for several key film festivals.


Where You Come In:

We have assembled some of the finest talent Ireland has to offer in terms of cast and crew to make sure this film stands up to unconditional comparison, not only with any other short film out there (for story, production value and execution), but any film.


And Lastly...

THANK YOU for reading our pitch.  Remember, you have the chance to send someone back-in-time to fix his broken life.  It's Christmas after all, so take it!!  The Anderson Corporation just might change your life too!

Mark & Kealan.


Corgrigg Hill Films