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Charlie Moon - Debut Album

By Charlie Moon


Project Background

Two years ago I wrote a score for a film called 'Ask Me Now' named after a Thelonious Monk composition. My main inspiration for the soundtrack was the music of legendary jazz instrumentalists Wayne Shorter (tenor sax) and Lee Morgan (trumpet). I loved the blend of these two instruments accompanied by a quartet of guitar, piano, double bass & drums and I decided to compose with these instruments in mind. The music was nominated for best soundtrack at the Kerry Film Festival and since then I have wanted to do something more with these songs.

One positive that can be taken from the quarantine period was that I was finally able to dedicate the necessary time to developing this music with the addition of vocals too. Along with some of my favourite jazz standards that I have been arranging & developing on live gigs over the past two years, I finally have an album on my hands. If all runs smoothly I aim to have this record in your hands by next summer!


Your Contributions

Your contributions will go towards:
-Musician's fees
-Studio space and equipment rental (four or five days).
-Studio engineer (four or five days).
-Album artwork / Digital Design
-CD manufacturing + postage
-Vinyl pressing + postage


Band & Crew

I am very honoured and privileged to be able to work along side some of the best in the business. The Johnny Taylor Trio are the most in demand jazz rhythm section in Ireland and have extensive experience backing a host of jazz musicians. They consist of JT (piano) Barry Donohue (double bass) Dominic Mullan (drums). To complete the sextet; Bill Blackmore (trumpet) & Peter Dobai (tenor saxophone and horn arrangements for the album). With your help I will be afforded the luxury of recording at the legendary Camden Recording Studios Dublin with sound engineers Cian Boylan & Conor Brady.


The Risks

A recording is like a tattoo, it is frozen in time, representing your mood, your musical tastes, ability & experience. You have but one chance to perfect it which is why it is so important to be able to reflect and return to studio if necessary before it's completion.


Why Crowd Funding?

The reason I have decided to crowd fund this project is because these are very uncertain and precarious times for musicians. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the music world is unprecedented. Cancellations of gigs, festivals and tours means all performing artists need to turn to other sources of income e.g. record sales. I am also extremely grateful to be able to provide work for other musicians in making this album because of you!


Patrons Of The Arts, Thank You!!!
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read about this project. I hope I have outlined clearly for you how much your support means to me in getting this album over the line, and to the wider music community, to see people supporting the arts. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Charlie Moon

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