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CheeryWild Productions present: Love All

By Cheery Wild Productions


From the Wimbledon Finals to a death row cell, the true and terrible tale of Irish sporting legend Vere St. Leger Goold. "A hangover may have kept him from the Wimbledon prize, but a decapitated head in a hat box almost sent him to the gallows..."

The electrifying new Theatre Company 'Cheery Wild’, have starched their whites, re-stretched their racquets and are ready to take you on a rapid-fire homicidal ride of Victorian melodrama.

And if you’re lucky you might even get strawberries and cream…

Clonmel Junction Festival. 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 July 2011

Who we are?

Cheery Wild comprises myself (Tadhg Hickey) and fellow actress/writer Aideen Wylde.  We’re Drama/Theatre graduates and since leaving college both of us have worked extensively in Irish theatre, TV and radio.  We met around a year ago and found we’d something to go on: I’d a fondness for scones, Aideen liked to bake them: result.  More importantly we shared a desire to be proactive about the work situation for actors/theatre people, believing that sitting around doing nothing was useless, no matter how good the scones were. We also shared an interest in creating theatre based on forgotton or hidden histories presented in a manner people could simply, enjoy.   A note in an early brainstorming session read: ‘none of that esoteric nonsense...bores me to tears.’

The Project

‘Love All’ became our vehicle. At the beginning all we really had was each other.  Initial rehearsals took place in parks.  Undetered, we soon realised that as well as each other we’d a great story that needed telling.  Aideen’s initial interest in Tipperary native and Wimbledon champion Lena Rice led us to the tale of Waterford man Vere Goold: Ireland’s first Wimbledon finalist (1879) and brightspark of the fashionable Victorian lawn tennis scene.  Years later Goold and his wife Marie Violet found themselves embroiled in a murky world of gambling, alcoholism and murder. We had found what we were looking for.

What we’ve already done.

First and foremost we convinced a leading Irish theatre festival to believe in us.  We’re indebted to the Clonmel Junction Festival for co-producing our play and championing us in their ‘emerging artists’ series. In the spirit of proactivity the piece will be presented in a disused space within Russell’s court retail mall in Clonmel!  Secondly, we sourced a regular rehearsal space and a car load of fantastic props from supportive family and friends.  Thirdly we recruited a veritable dream-team to complete the ‘Love All’ line-up. We were overjoyed to land the services of leading director, Donal Gallagher (Asylum Productions).  We headhunted exciting costume and set designer Deirdre Dwyer, and also enlisted cork based electronic musician Darqhorse to write an original score.

What we’ll do with the money

Assistance from the Clonmel Junction Festival together with prospective box office, covers around 40% of our overall costs. With your help we can make up the other 60% to cover fees and costs of production and put this amazing story on stage.



500 quid to go!

The end's in sight! This time next monday (June 20th) our fundit campaign will be winding down. The cheery wild team are absolutely overjoyed that there's a genuine possibility we could make it! We've got 4 or 5 days to make an '83% funded campaign' into a 100% one! So if you know any people who are of the 'better late than never' persuasion, please send them our way...we're only a few hundred quid away from our goal:) We'd like to sincerely thank our spanking new funders as well as the early birds. We've started the process of preparing your lovely rewards! We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the fundit.ie team. Without the use of their ingenious website and the ongoing support of their fantastic team, aspirations such as our own would largely remain unfulfilled. Thank you Martin and co.! Our fantastic set and costume designer Deirdre Dwyer has been worked to the bone this week as the look of the show is coming close to being finalized. The girl's a legend. The rehearsals have entered hyperspace! Myself, Aideen and Donal (Gallagher) are flat to mat pretty much every day. Huge thanks to Blackpool Library and more recently Graffiti Theatre Company for the use of their rehearsal rooms. Tune in for a report in a few days as to whether we made our target. we LOVE you ALL;) t cheerywild

ohhhh we're halfway there!

Cheery Wild would like to sincerely thank all of our incredible funders! We're delighted to be over half-way towards our target with two weeks to go. We might just get there! We're loathsome to ask you people to do anymore for us when you've been so good already but if there are any other people you can think of who might be interested in our campaign: please send on our link! Aideen was on Tipp FM last night shooting from the hip about all things Vere Gooldish and will be on the John Murray show (RTE Radio 1) next monday morning doing likewise! The Evening Echo and The Cork News have done features on us and last thursday night we did a little teaser of the play for the attendants at the launch of the Clonmel Junction Festival. Check out the video evidence, here and on our facebook in the coming days! AND most importantly of all, rehearsals are going extremely well. We can already see that the support you have given us is going to be worth your while. There's a right little show beginning to take form! Due in no small part to the legend that is: Donal Gallagher. I think he just might make us look good! Warm regards to all! Tadhg Cheerywild

We're over 10%!

Cheery Wild would like to say a huge thank to all of our early funders. In just a day and a half we're over the 10% mark;) We're rehearsing, devising, and promoting around the clock in order to honour your support by insuring this dream of ours becomes a reality! Awww! Will you take a bit of cheese with your strawberries and cream?! You are legends!!! Cheery Wild.

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