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rewards for funding this project:

€5 +

As well as having our thanks and appreciation, you will receive a “Thank You” credit on the project website.

€10 +

You will receive a digital download of the short film when it becomes available in a few months together with a “Thank You” credit on the project website.

€25 +

Receive the above plus the digital download of the feature film when it is available.

€55 +

You will receive all the above plus a signed copy of Gary’s biography when published. (includes postage & packing)

€75 +

You will receive all the above plus a film themed t-shirt designed and signed by Gary White Deer and the director in a selection of sizes.

€100 +

You will have your name embedded in movie history with a special on screen “Thank You” in the DVD, digital download and film festival credits. You also get all the goodies listed above.

€250 +

You will receive all the above plus a signed print of a Gary White Deer. Gary has held solo exhibitions in the American Embassy in Ireland, the Southern Plains Museum, Oklahoma and the Irish Arts Centre, New York.

€500 +

You will receive all the above together with a signed copy of the official film festival poster when the feature is released and a die cast miniature Yellow School Bus Vehicle signed by Gary White Deer and the director.

€1000 +

You will receive all the above together with a VIP invitation to the Irish & World premiere plus admission to the after party (flights & accommodation not included).

€5000 +

You will receive all the above and the opportunity to have the trip of a lifetime - come on the road trip for a week as we shoot The March of the Choctaw – (flights not included / accommodation same as production crew).

€10000 +

You will receive all the above, be given the title of associate producer on The March of the Choctaw and have a dinner in your honour with Gary White Deer, the director and crew.

€50000 +

You will receive all the above together with a gold leaf framed certificate officially recognizing you as a executive and co-producer on the project, access to the shoot at all times and be treated as a full member of the team (subject to contract). Thanks again for your support! Peter, Gary and the team!

a project by:
Peter J McCarthy

The March of the Choctaw is a feature-documentary for festival, cinematic-release, digital download and DVD.

In 1996 Gary White Deer was invited to Mayo to commemorate the $175 donation his people made in 1847, equivalent $10,000 today, from their very meager resources to the people of Ireland during The Great Famine -an Gorta Mór. Later invited to Derry to paint a mural he was caught up in a sectarian riot. Inspired by these events and the Irish peace process, he began to reflect on the sovereignty of his own people, the recurring conflict between freedom and security and how tribal prophecies might illuminate these perpetual issues.

The Journey
We follow Gary as he journeys in a big yellow school bus on an expedition down old tribal paths to meet with First Nations Chiefs, Clan Mothers, Tribal leaders, Elders and traditional faith keepers. Gary will ask questions about independence and community sovereignty, the economic crisis and the environment in a world of rapid change and turmoil. We will meet with the Iroquois, Hopi, Lakota, Kiowa and Maya tribes amongst others, asking to what extent ancient tribal prophecies reverberate in modern times and how these prophecies might uncover signposts for the future. Told with dramatic reconstruction, visual and sound effects and stunning imagery - this promises to be an exciting and breathtaking road-trip film, taking the audience across North and Central America on a journey of discovery.

Where are we with the project?
We shot footage in NYC & Ireland and edited a pilot.
Distribution is attached (Monster Distributes).
We are in discussions with funding organizations.
the Yellow Bus is lined up and ready to go.

Why we need funding:
Up to now we have entirely funded this project ourselves. We are asking for your contribution to help us cover the cost of filming and travel for the next 8 months. We are fully committed to making this an International award-winning film and look forward to you being a part of this exciting project.

Overall production funding is for:
Road-Trip with yellow bus.
Archive, Graphics & Music.
Final-edit-Grading-Sound & Completion.

Format: HD -90mins

Release date: Oct/Nov-2012 (Maya prophesy December-2012)

How can you help?
We’re seeking minimum of €20k on fundit.ie, and aim to raise €200k – €300k from other sources. Your help will be the key to the projects success.

Peter J McCarthy’s previous film “Fight-or-Flight” won a number of International-awards at film festivals including Long-Island & Hamburg festivals, broadcast on US and European cable-channels.

Main Subject:
Gary White Deer - Internationally known painter, tribal-leader, tribal-chanter, dance-leader and Professor in Choctaw Studies. With first place at Minneapolis Indian Market and American Indian Exposition, exhibited at the American Embassy Ireland, Southern-Plains Museum and New York Irish-Arts Centre.

We invite you to join us on this challenging journey by contributing a small sum, or a large one, to the making of The March of the Choctaw.

Thanks a mill for your support :)

Peter, Gary & the team