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Chucky's River: Debut Album

By S.I.L


Welcome to our Fund It page where we're asking you, our fans, to help us raise some money to go towards the recording, mixing, mastering and duplication of our debut album, due for release in April 2012. In these early days of the band's life, we have never let the lack of financial gain hinder our ambitions. At this point we need to take things to the next level and that is why we need a little help from our friends to make this album possible. When the album is completed, we will be playing a tour to promote it, including a launch in Dublin in April/May 2012. We will be choosing four tracks from the album to make videos for and we will be releasing them over the summer months. We hope to play as many festivals as we can over the year and continue the album's promotion via extensive gigging, radio slots, TV appearances and anything else we can get our teeth into. The songs are there, we just need to record them to the highest standard so we know we have given ourselves the best shot at making Chucky's River heard. To listen to a recent demo click here.

Chucky's River is  an experimental, progressive rock band.  Our sound can sweep from delicate guitars to hard hitting, harmony laden choruses. Diarmuid Comerford (guitar/vocals) and Cupie (bass/vocals) formed the band in 2008 and began the journey as a three piece, releasing and touring an EP, making a video and building their fan base on both a local and nationwide scale. Damien Walsh (guitar/vocals) joined the band in 2010 and Stephen Rooney (drums/vocals) completed the new line-up in 2011. Since joining the band Damien has brought a new and integral component to the band. We now have four people writing songs and two lead vocalists offering an array of textures and interesting sounds.

Pete Meighan (clients include: Dave Couse, North Atlantic Oscillation, Brianna Corrigan) will be taking care of Production/Engineering duties for the album. He will be working along side us as we make the final tweaks to the album tracks and we are very excited to have him on board once again. All the money you donate will help us make this album a reality, If you pledge €10 you will receive your CD in the post as soon as we have them in April 2012. Have a look at the various other reward options on the left side of this page, where we have extra treats for larger donations.

We thank you graciously for any contributions towards this project and your continued support of Chucky's River.

Yours sincerely,

Diarmuid, Cupie, Damien and Stephen.



Your details

Hey all, we've sent out emails to you all looking for your address, t-shirt sizes etc., so if you could check your email from soundintensitylevel@gmail.com and let us know. Thanks, rewards coming soon. "Broken Glass" the first single off the album is free on our soundcloud. Visit www.silmusic.com for more info.

Mastering then duplication

Hey everyone, Great news, we're finished mixing and we're booked in for mastering with Fergal Davis on the 11th so we'll have cd's by the end of this month. We'll be in contact shortly to gather your address etc., in order to deliver your rewards. It's sounding excellent indeed and we're delighted the hard work has paid off. In other big news......We have decided to change the name of the band to S.I.L. (Sound Intensity Level). The album has 11 tracks and is going to be called "Red Horizon". We will have all the new websites up and running shortly. Talk to ye soon.

And... Pete's Mixing

Hello all. We hope your all well. The album is now at the mixing stage and sounding epic. Some beautiful strings were recorded a few weeks ago, here's a little clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXbFNpFe0W4. Back soon, ready to deliver.

Close, Closer

We are closer everyone. All drums, bass and guitars are completed so only vocals, a few keys and string arrangements left. Here's a wee sneak peak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjaKKZlTRcE More updates to come. Cheers folks.

Final phase of recording.

Hey people, here's the update. Our producer Pete's brand new studio is finished and we have began recording bass. From here we will be finishing the album without any obstacles. It will be finished in the coming weeks. Once mixed and mastered it will be sent straight for manufacturing and straight to your letter box. Keep an eye on our Facebook (www.facebook.com/chuckysriver) for updates. We're close now, thank you all so much for waiting for us.

Recording Begins

We began recording the drums for the album today. A blog is being posted daily as the process unfolds, please check it out here: www.chuckysriver.blogspot.ie . Thanks once again for all your patience on this. This is going to be worth waiting for.

Where it's at.

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know what's happening. We are a bit behind our original timescale as the studio we are recording in is not finished yet. However, this is giving us more time to work on the songs and arrangements so we're looking at the bright side. As soon as we begin to record we'll post up the news and at that stage we'll have a better idea of a delivery date. Thanks for your patience. Chuckys River.

Thank you, we made our target!

Delighted is an understatement as to how we feel for the support you the Funders have given us on our project. We reached our target and now we have the necessary funds to make our debut album. We are still in the preproduction stages and working really hard on making the songs the best they can be. There is no settling for just okay. We are questioning every note and lyric so when we start using the funds for the recording process there will be no time/money wasted. Pete Meighen(Producer) is busy with the construction of his brand new studio in Wicklow town where we will be the first band to record there. The end of March is the expected time to begin recording so watch this space as the story unfolds. Thank you all so much, without you this wouldn't be possible. The River.

Half way there!

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. The excitement is building fast in the Chucky's River camp as we pass the half way point. Every chance we get we are demoing and tweaking the songs and they are coming along extremely well. We'll be appearing on Rob O' Connor's Irish Beats (Beat 102-103 FM http://www.beat102103.com) on the 29th Jan at 7pm where we'll be talking about the album, fund it campaign and playing a song so do tune in online or on the ould wireless. If your about in Dublin we're playing one last show before we record in The Mercantile on Dame St. on Sunday 15th of Jan at 10pm...hope to see you there. Keep spreading the word and we shall keep you posted on the project as it becomes a reality. Thanks again, The River.

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