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Rolling between villages and towns in rural Ireland for nine months of the year, Circus Gerbola becomes a place outside the ordinary world, a place centered around the shy but exuberant clown, eccentric but generous husband and the loving father of three children: Mikey Gerbola.

I'm Dieter Auner, a freelance film maker and photographer living in Galway for the past twenty years. CIRCUS ON THE ROAD is my third feature documentary film supported by the Irish Film Board and my first documentary project entirely based in Ireland. After five years between conception and completion our previous documentary film entitled OFF THE BEATEN TRACK has become a major success winning international prizes and screening in cinemas around France and Germany. I believe there is scope and hope for creative documentaries, but they need a few important ingredients: a dose of motivation, a good story, captivating characters, enough time and of course an adequate budget.

CIRCUS ON THE ROAD is a project I've been fully engaged with for the past two and half years, and together with a creative team of film makers we managed to find most of the important ingredients. After a successful development, production and editing period, we are close to deliver a great story full of twists and turns, with memorable characters from the circus world. But before we can finalize the editing and deliver the project, we need all your help and support to be able to pay for the online editing, the sound editing and sound mix, color grading, music clearance and deliverables. We need to raise at least €11,000 to cover the post-production to get the film ready for its festival release. Finding the funding is been a constant challenge, but working on this circus film has thought me that with true involvement, perseverance and believe it is possible to accomplish though tasks.

The Gerbola family, their lovely children, the crew and artists have nourished and pushed our film in ways that are almost indescribable. 'Cicus on The Road' is primarily a drama: a drama with a strong emotional strain, a drama of a family fueled with affection. The story of Mikey the clown and his everyday routine, is the story of a humble soul torn between success and failure, elation and despair, fortune and disaster. In short, the documentary about the Gerbola's can be an inspiration for many of us and therefore is must be told. You got my word on that.

Thank You for taking time to read
and please spread the word,
Dieter Auner



One day to go

Hi everybody, our crow funding campaign is coming to an end and we reached 34%. I deeply appreciate everyone and I mean everyone who has stood up and backed our project. Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart to each of you! It's great to know that there are that many friends out there that believe in my work. Unfortunately with this things it's a 'all or nothing' situation. This means that we haven't achieved our goal and the amount with which you supported the campaign will not be booked off your credit card. Despite the financial shortcoming the world deserves people like you and films like this!:-) We have already spend so much time in this project and because I never give up, it is my intention to produce the best possible film. This means that we will look at every alternative way to find a solution. In fact today we got some good news, as the Austrian distributor likes the final cut and will facilitate the post-production. This means that we want to see you all in July at the Galway Film Fleadh for the premier of the film, and you can buy me a pint!:-) Until then enjoy our brand new trailer. https://vimeo.com/89969845 Thanks so much, Dieter

Your commitment makes a positive difference

During my entire career as a film maker I've tried to dream my dreams way beyond financial circumstances and I chose to invest all my time to gain the freedom of achieving them. Yet to give time and find the money can be incredibly demanding. It is for this reason that I turned to crowd funding looking for support. I am proud that generosity is a quality of all of my friends, and I want to thank them, once again, from the bottom of my hearth for their generous support. And I also want, of course, to thank all of those who shared, liked and spread the word about this campaign. Now I want to turn to those who perhaps haven't had the time or space to support this campaign. As you contemplate the entirely personal choice of giving also consider the impact of your precious gift. I want to remind you that it takes only 5 minutes and a small contribution to make a difference. This contribution will affect the circus film directly, and will make you be part of a documentary project that exposes different ideas and creative storytelling to a wide audience. I believe that the needs in our society are more profound than ever. I'm hoping that my film can, however, inspire change and good will, provide food for thought and spark emotions. Now that we have around 10 days to go, your commitment can make a positive difference by co-creating this movie! Thanks a million, Dieter

Into the third week of our campaign

Just into the third week of our funding campaign and I and we have received over 13% of our funding target. My heart has been warmed by people's generosity and support. I want to thank all our lovely funders and remind them that this film will be made and that everybody who contributed will be proud of it. With your generous support you are not only ensuring that an important story will be told, but you are helping and nurturing art in times of crisis and enable me to share my creativity into the future. Thanks a million, Dieter

One week and the ball is rolling

Thanks so much to all our lovely funders in our first week, it's with your support we will strive to make a great circus film about an amazing family and inspiring characters. I am delighted and touched that we have received over 4% of our funding target and that we had 200 views on our promo. There's still a long way to go but it warms my heart to look over the names of the contributors so far and think they are helping me as a film maker to make my third film come trough. Be inspired and keep spreading the word. Thanks so much, Dieter

Successful launch of funding campaign @OSLO

Dear All, thanks a million for attending our campaign launch in the Oslo Bar in Salthill, and for your contribution to make it such a special evening! Here is the link for the teaser of our circus film: https://vimeo.com/86500521

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