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By Claudia Schwab


Many years ago, when my parents started to build their wooden house, near the Austrian town of Graz, my dad was a student and my mum a fiddle teacher. At the time, they had 100 Schillings (€7) between them! Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I started recording my first solo album AMBER SANDS without being completely sure how to fully finance it because I simply had to, from both a practical and artistic viewpoint!

For the past two years I have been performing my solo project ‘Jodltrip’ around Ireland and Europe. Now, it includes a repertoire of over 20 compositions and songs that combine different folk art forms, such as my native Austrian yodelling, Irish and Swedish traditional music, as well as North Indian Classical Music. These tunes are built on fiddle-singing, thus playing and singing at the same time (often free-style yodeling), and I also use loops.

On account of my mother, I have spent nearly all my life playing music. I first started when I was three years old, walking around with a 3-stringed fiddle, jamming along to everything going. I had an amazing time learning the violin, singing, piano, trumpet etc… playing in national and international orchestras, playing traditional Irish music since moving here over eight years ago, playing folk music from all over the world and learning North Indian Classical Violin in Varanasi/Banares. Now it all seems to come together and my own musical language has formed itself and continues to do so.

I am extremely lucky to be working in a great studio in Sligo with a musician/producer who I highly respect and trust, and to have many outstanding (!!) Irish traditional and world musicians working with me!
Somehow, I have saved enough to afford most of the recording and some guest musicians, but, I can feel the bank notes dwindle already! Most of the CD is recorded by now and ready to enter the public sound world with an album launch in the planning in the Model Sligo Saturday, April 27th 2014!

So, I need a little bit of help along the way to get the funds up to mix, master, duplicate, print CDs and organise a PR campaign! Every little help is really appreciated! I believe in this world! (And music of course :-))
For more info visit: www.claudiaschwab.com or visit my youtube and soundcloud



New song in the making & 8 days left on new fundit!!

VERY nice couple of days in the studio there with Cathy Jordan and Seamie O'Dowd who recorded "Song for Dad" & "Fireside Landler" with me there the other day :-) https://www.facebook.com/Claudiaschwabmusic/videos/1119384891480342/ 8 days to go on fundit campaign, have a look :-) c

!!!!!New album on the way!!!!

Hello there!!! It's 2 and a half years since we launched "Amber Sands": a big dream come true, and I hope you've enjoyed listening to the sounds :-) Since the launch night in the Model in April 2014, we have brought the album to Austria, Estonia, Sweden, Slovenia, England and Germany! On our third Irish tour together, myself, Stefan Hedborg& Marti Taern stepped into Brian McDonagh's studio in Sligo and recorded all the new repertoire that's been building up through our many gigs together... the result is: we have a new album on the go!!! It's nearly finished: on October 21st a special edition of it (comprising 5 tracks that are tied together by a sound collage) will be released on vinyl. In February 2017, the full album will follow.... I've got a litte pre-sale running for it through fund-it again, if ye'd like to have a look: http://fundit.ie/project/claudia-schwab-attic-mornings Copies of both the CD (full album) and the vinyl (EP) are available, along with some other special rewards! Thank you so much for your help with starting off this project!from sunny Sligo, Claudia

1 day to go on Songlines Music Awards 2015!!!!

Yo guys, just a heads up tomorrow's the last day to get your vote in for Songlines Music Awards 2015!!! Will only take a minute!! http://www.songlines.co.uk/music-awards/index.php ..... you can win tickets to WOMAD!!!!!! :-)

Amber Sands& Claudia nominated for Songlines Music Awards!!!!

HEY! It's been a while since I launched this campaign and a lot happened since--- the album was released with a big bash at the Model in Sligo and brought on tour around Ireland twice with beautiful Stefan Hedborg (percussion) and Marti Tärn (Bass), who also yodelled and grooved their way with me through Austria and Estonia this year! YOU are a giant part of why this all could happen, so THANK YOU! I have even more time now to look back at it all and see all the support, really amazing!! ALSO!!!!! I just found out (randomly!) that I've been nominated in 3 categories for the Songlines Music Awards 2015!!!! IF you'd like to give me your vote you can do so here http://www.songlines.co.uk/music-awards/index.php (it's very quick) until January 31st! You can win 2 WOMAD tickets doing so too!!!! :-) Otherwise have a lovely christmas and New Year and thank you for making this one such a great one for me and my fellow musicianers!!!!!! claudia

Claudia Schwab trio on Balcony TV

Hey guys! Just a little note that you can VOTE (TIL SUNDAY!!) for our little trio video on a beautiful balcony in Kerry for this week's Global Music Ramble on BalconyTV! Check out the video here (vote button just above ;-)) http://balconytv.com/v/claudia-schwab-zwiefoch-in-bulgaria Greetings from sunny Austria!! c

Album launch& little tour

Happy to announce that your albums are on the way--- all is sent off to printing and will be back at the end of this month, so check your mailboxes!!!! If you are in Sligo: Album launch in the Model April 26th, 8pm. With a looot of special guests (including Cathy Jordan, Seamie O' Dowd, Brian McDonagh, ThisSideUp, Tucan (duo) and more)--- for bookings get on to www.themodel.ie! Am also doing a little tour through Ireland with amazing musicians Marti Tarn from Estonia (on bass/piano/vocals) and Stefan Heborg from Sweden (on percussion and vocals): Wed, April 30th: Belfast (Crescent Arts Centre) Thursd, May 1st: Dublin (Clonskeagh Castle) Friday, May 2nd& Sat May 3rd: Dingle (McCarthy's 10.30pm; Wrens Nest 2pm, as part of Feile Na Bealtaine) Sat, May 3rd: Cork (TCD/ Triskel; as part of Quarter) (For more info on any of this check out www.claudiaschwab.com) Thanks again so much for helping me make this happen!!!!


Get a solo gig into your venue (fiddles/singin/yodelling and loops) and perhaps even an added workshop with your audience!!! 2 more days, cheap and cheerful way of getting your gig booked :-) Thanks to all you amazing people who are helping me out with this, looking forward to all the lessons, gigs, tunes composed especially for you and to bring out the album :-)

29% funded!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing and caring!!! 29% funded, looking good! Here's a clip of a solo gig I did in Sweden February this year at the Umefolk festival, (we had such a great time :-)) lots of this stuff to be included on album!! http://youtu.be/xrnluHACgjE

First three funders!

The campaign is up and I already got three funders!!!! Andreas Mastnak, Duane Gallagher and Peter Crann, you legends!!!

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