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ClearCall Accessibility App

By Maurice And Simon


Have you ever been frustrated using a phone? Pressed the wrong button? Called someone by mistake? Well ClearCall is here to help!  Never again will you be stuck on predictive text or take three tries to enter the right number. Our primary aim however is to make it as simple as possible for the elderly and disabled to contact others.

What is ClearCall?
ClearCall is an app to make it simple and intuitive to use smartphones as PHONES! It’s in the name!

But these days it’s all about processing power and screen resolution – developers can sometimes forget that not every phone user has a degree in computing.
ClearCall is an Android app that will replace the normal – often hard to use - mechanics of a smartphone with intuitive and simple to follow buttons and screens. So users can call and text in the quickest and simplest way possible. Our aim is to make it super easy to use smartphones; they are phones first and foremost. Once you have become comfortable with using the phone then; you can explore all the other wonderful benefits that modern smartphones have to offer!

But why?
ClearCall’s goal is to help people. Some find using smartphones to call and text slow or difficult, we know we do. Some have fancy phones from work yet keep their reliable Nokia to make calls with.

The motivation of ClearCall is to let everyone use smartphones with ease! Specifically people who may be unfamiliar with technology or find it difficult because the original design doesn’t cater for their access needs.

We believe ClearCall will help. By nature smartphones have the potential to be easier to use. Boasting bigger colour screens, higher contrast with the option for larger more sensitive buttons than ordinary phones.  We want to use these to make contact with friends and family effortless.

What started it all?
Our original plan was a range of accessibility applications (fall detector, panic buttons and the like) for smartphones. We didn’t like how obvious it is that you are using a safety device. We wanted to make it as inconspicuous and discrete as possible. After all why should you advertise your weaknesses when they needn’t be an issue? But we hit a stumbling block. You guessed it - the people who could benefit didn’t used smartphones; can you guess why? Got it in one – they’re hard to use as phones!
So here’s the first step – ClearCall – to introduce these people to smartphones and set up a platform from which we can start making our accessibility apps!

Who is behind ClearCall?
Maurice and Simon! We are two final year Trinity students with a passion for helping people and technology.

Why Pledge?
To help us help others!
We will do all of the nitty gritty programming ourselves, we just need some start up capital to register the business, purchase licences and hardware. The app will cost €5 upon release in spring 2012.

Many thanks for your support,

Maurice and Simon