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Closer Still

By Scott Evans


My name is Scott Evans and I've been doing Christian faith-based youth work in Ireland for the last ten years.

For me and for many people in Ireland, the God of Christianity has been portrayed as an old man in the sky with a stick waiting to punish those who enjoy life and the idea we've been given of holiness is a lifestyle of repression and self-denial in the hopes that one day we can get wings, sit on the clouds and sing songs for all eternity about a God that they're secretly terrified of.

But what if that's because Christianity has lost its way? What if holiness is actually about wholeness? What if Christianity actually answers the question that so many of us are asking ... 'What does it mean to be human?'

I've been writing 'Closer Still' for the last five years in an effort to start a conversation with people about what Christianity is actually about. It's aimed at the 16+ age group.
For people who are passionate about their faith I think it raises some questions about how to live that faith out.
For those who are disillusioned with their faith, I think it offers a way of understanding what it means to be Christian that will bring excitement and hope.
For those who have no faith, I think it's thought provoking as a way of looking at the Christian faith as more than meaningless religion.

I am hoping to raise €1,000 on fundit.ie that will go towards our first printing run (which will cost about €3,000). The rest of the money I plan on raising/borrowing myself!
This page gives people the opportunity to pre-order a signed copy of the book (and other options for rewards) for €8 instead of the normal price of €12.

PLEASE NOTE: If we do not raise the full €1,000 on fundit, no-one's card will be charged and I will not receive anything towards the publishing ... so please support if you can!

Thanks for reading this and supporting the book in anyway you can!




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