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Concerning the Other

By Olivier Cornet


This is a collaborative art project that promotes diversity and shows concern for minorities in these days of uncertainty, global conflict, mounting racism and intolerance. We have invited contemporary artists to create an initial image which would then be emailed on to the next artist. The second artist will respond by working over it and then emailing it on to the third artist who also responds and passes it on. The process continues until each of the artists has worked on each image. It begins as a virtual project which will be a creative and engaging experience for the artists, each gaining a lot from encountering the varied working methods and creative processes of the other artists. The outcome will be collaborative artworks (each piece is a new artwork at each stage). We also propose producing high quality digital art prints of the final as well as ‘in-between’ prints which will appear in a curated exhibition at Olivier Cornet Gallery in Dublin in September. With Fund it the collaboration continues and we look forward to engaging you in this creative process.

There are three curators involved with this project, each bringing with them their own varied experiences. We did a smaller version of this process in the past and learned a lot of practical lessons along the way. That project was exhibited in the Pearse Museum in Dublin and internationally in Tbilisi Georgia. Artists involved were particularly inspired by the process and created new work that was well outside of their comfort zones. There is a very interesting mix of artists involved in this new project: national and international, male and female, recently qualified or highly experienced (we have one RHA member taking part ). We wanted to include a wide spectrum of viewpoints but our main selection criterium was the quality of the work.

This project begins as a virtual project, with artists working collaboratively (but remotely), so it seems ideally suited for Fund it. The concept of collaboration and concern for ‘the Other’ also fits well. We will invite you to engage with us along the way, looking forward to your input. The main cost is printing but the campaign is more about creating feelings of positivity and compassionate collaboration.

Budget: 1500 euro in total
- 20 A4 prints on quality A3 paper: 600 euro.
- Designing and printing of a book of the 100 virtual artworks: 350 euro.
- Estimated cost of awards: 250 euro.
- Curators’ costs (100x3): 300 euro.

If for any reason, one artist is unable to continue with the project, we have lined up a number of substitute artists who will take their place. The risk of ‘incapacity’ at project management level is also nil as we curators can substitute for each other. 

Thank you for reading up till now. It would be wonderful if you could join us in this project by pledging your support for the work of 10 artists. You’ll also get a real insight into the creation of their work.