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'Connemara – A Portrait of a Landscape'

By Clare Cashman


My name is Clare Cashman. I am a visual artist living in Connemara. I am interested in landscape, imagination and perception.

In 2009, I created a unique record of Connemara's weather. Every day, at exactly the same time, I went to a number of locations and took precisely the same photograph. The resulting pictures, when viewed together, are not a record of static landscapes or seascapes, but a dynamic record of the shifting patterns of light across the land and the sea throughout that year. They can be arrayed in a calendrical grid that captures the short-term day-to-day, shifts and the longer-term seasonal changes in the weather. Please preview or download the results of this project via the link here.

So as well as capturing the undisputed beauty of the region - the great bulk of Mweelrea rising up on the northern shore of Killary Harbour, the more intimate charm of Derryinver Pier, the seemingly infinite expanse of the Atlantic ocean - I'm also capturing those specific places in time. It's a form of bearing witness to the unceasing interplay between land, light and sea and of pinning down that most elusive of perceivable things - change. This was a consolidated project. The exhibition will be big-scale, as it is important that the integrity of the work is kept and is not compromised by doing it in halves.

Printing this archive will be a very costly exercise but I am determined to bring this work to a broader audience in printed form, in a manner where it will be best perceived. And this is where I hope you can help. This project has both engaged my imagination and expanded my perception, and I hope it does yours too. I hope you will be inspired to FUND IT.

Thank you in advance for your help.




My message on the last day

Again, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been supportive of my project. I have taken great encouragement from each and every pledge. At the moment, it seems likely that the target will not be met. If the target is not reached, I will not receive the pledges you were kind enough to make, and accordingly money will not be collected from your account. It is disappointing that the work may not be exhibited for public viewing. However, I do retain the archive and you never know what might happen in the future. I'll live in hope...& maybe I’ll seek out a corporate sponsor. I do hope that there is a benefactor out there even at this late stage, who will support the project for the benefit of all. This could be achieved if one person invested in a beautiful collection of 365 prints. I posted samples of these 365 prints on the ‘Connemara Weather Project’ Facebook page, which is open to the public. If you have not already seen these, copy and paste this link below in to a new browser to view them http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Clare-Cashman-Connemara-Weather-Project-2009/229723850073 I know that times are tough and I also suspect that Art may not feature on some people’s priority list. Nevertheless please continue to support the Arts! Thanks again, Clare

A Promising Start

At the outset, I would like to wholeheartedly thank all you kind people who have pledged to date, including those who did so anonymously. At the end of the first week, I am delighted to report that the project has got off to a very promising start. I really appreciate your support. There are parallels between the challenge of funding the project and the completion of the yearlong photographic assignment while it was ongoing in 2009. In both instances the target may seem to be daunting. After all this is a large-scale project. It works as a whole, as a complete year. The entire years’ images (365) must to be printed to achieve a meaningful exhibition. Is the target too ambitious? Why two scenes? Would one series of 365 not be enough? Both scenes are required because if the Bun na Bocaí bog scene (landscape) is exhibited alone, the viewer is missing out on the Tully Pier (seascape) and visa versa. They are very different territories, yet equally important aspects of the Connemara landscape. This is a character study of Connemara, a ‘portrait’ of a landscape. If one only were to be exhibited, viewers would be deprived of perceiving a significant dimension of this diverse and unique region. Until the next time, Slán There is more about this project on my website - You can view the slideshows of a few of the scenes here. http://clarecashman.com/ConnemaraWeatherEye.html Some background information can be read here. http://www.clarecashman.com/texts.html Almost the entire catalogue of works can be previewed and downloaded here - http://www.clarecashman.com/catalogue/work_index.html Also see the facebook page here. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clare-Cashman-Connemara-Weather-Project-2009/229723850073

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