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Convergence 2012 - An Exhibition

By Davie Philip


My name is Davie Philip and I work with Cultivate. For over a decade we have organised Convergence, the annual sustainability festival that brings people and ideas together from all over Ireland and abroad..

This year we want to do something very different than just hosting a week of events.

We have launched a process to collect and illuminate breakthrough ideas on our website and with your help we want to design and build an interactive exhibition of these inspirational ideas, projects and initiatives and take it on tour to communities and public places around Ireland.

The exhibition will also be a creative space to host ‘Conversations for the Future We Want’ a workshop inspiring action in our communities.

This interactive exhibit will be launched and become the focal point of the Global Green area at the Electric Picnic on the first weekend of September.

For the last six years Cultivate have curated the Global Green area, which features over 20 charities, community groups and artisan food producers.

We are on the look out for ideas that will contribute to changing mindsets, help build a new economy and reduce our negative impact on the planet. We want to illuminate projects that are inspirational, intergenerational and that help build a sense of community and equality. We are searching for technologies that can help us connect better or use resources in a more efficient way. We want to showcase businesses that look at more than just the bottom line, communities that are building resilience and educational activities that are transforming the way we think about our world.

Designing and building this exhibition is what we are fund raising for and we would like your help to do it.



Collecting Breakthrough Ideas

As part of the process of building this exhibition of breakthrough ideas that will inspire Ireland we held an event in Dublin's City Hall on the 22nd of June. At this event we showcased 11 projects and initiatives that are doing things differently and helping shape the future we want. In the morning, as part of a Green Travel Incubator there was presentations from... * Go Car, the car club in Dublin and Cork, who are asking people to 'drive different * Bike to Work * The Green Corridor Project * Green Hotel Drive * Get There In the afternoon before a very dynamic conversation on values we illuminated another 6 breakthrough initiatives * Claiming our Future - ‘Building value-based coalitions across sectors’ * Community Garden Network - ‘Connecting local community based growing initiatives’’ * Better Building Challenge - ‘broadening perspectives on what we mean by performance’ * Cloughjordan Ecovillage - ‘the building block of sustainability is value-based community’ * The Intergenerational Year - “promoting  active engagement, understanding and exchange between the generations” * Trailblazery - ‘Illuminating the way breakthroughs happen’ All of these projects will be going up on our online gallery of breakthrough ideas at http://convergence.cultivate.ie Then with your help we will include them in a physical exhibit that we will take to our area at the Electric Picnic then to as many communities as possible. Thanks to everyone who has pledged to help so far, 30 days to go. Davie

Ideas for the Future We Want

We are up and running with this Fund:it campaign now. 41 days to go to reach our target. Tomorrow the 20th of June we are hosting a major event in City Hall in Dublin which will showcase 6 of the Breakthrough Ideas we have collected so far through short presentations. Tom Crompton, co-author of ‘Common Cause: The Case for Working with our Cultural Values’ will also join us for a presentation on the importance of cultural values in driving change, and at the ways those values are shaped. This understanding reveals a major connection between a vast array of major issues – sustainability, racism, human rights, community welfare, climate change, youth and older people exclusion and biodiversity loss. Join us if you are around. Have a look at http://convergence.cultivate.ie for more details and consider supporting us to develop and build an exhibit of inspirational project and initiatives to inspire Ireland. Thanks Davie

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