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Cop Shop

By Owen Colgan


My name is Owen Colgan, I'm 28 years old from Mayo but currently residing in Dublin. I have been involved in acting and writing for the last number of years. I came up with the idea Cop Shop from watching the mannerisms of a friend of mine who is also working as an Irish Guard. I found that there is a lot of comedy to be derived from such a topic. I feel something like this has never been done in the comedy documentary manner.

Cop Shop is a fly on the wall documentary about a police station in a town called Ballydrew. Based in this station is Garda Sean, a local man aged 28. Sean has been a police man for two years now and has been located in this station for the last six months. His reasons for becoming a police man are somewhat mixed. Some times he says he picked this profession because he likes to "feel he is making the street's a safer place to live" then other times he confesses he only became a Guard because his aul lad told him it was a handy number. Also located in this station are Garda Tom Doherty, a 50 year old brute of a man who has been a Guard for most of his life. He looks upon Sean as a bit of a fool and quiet regularly has to correct Sean's mistakes. Also in the station is 38 year old part time Garda Michelle Murtagh. Although Sean is dating and Tom is recently divorced, both males Guards vie for the attention of Michelle leading to a small bit of rivalry in the station.

This documentary will be filmed in Co. Mayo in different locations over the course of 3 days. The crew involved with filming all have a large amount of experience in film and tv production. Patrick Downey (Sound) has worked for RTE and has done sound for Hardy Bucks since day one. Steve O'Donoghue (Camera) has also worked for RTE and recently helped on filming of Hardy Bucks The Movie.

The funds I am looking for will be spent on rental of Garda car and uniforms, cost of location time, travel and food expenses for actor's and crew and basic props such as batons and walkie talkies.

I will be the main person of contact for this project. If anyone would like to contact me further about this project you can easily message me at https://www.facebook.com/owencolly and I'll get back to you asap.

I am very passionate about this project and truly believe it can be something that the viewer will thoroughly enjoy to watch. I am going to be involved in acting and co directing of this project. My intention for this project when finished is to show it at comedy festival's throughout Ireland and certainly put it up online for the viewer to enjoy wherever they may be. Thanks again for your time and help, without which this project won't be possible.



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