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Cork Shakespearean Company 90th

By Cork Shakespearean Company


Hi, my name is Kieran O'Leary and I am the chairperson of the Cork Shakespearean Company. 2014 is our 90th Anniversary and so, to celebrate this milestone in our history, on April 23rd, in conjunction with William Shakespeare's 450th Birthday and World Book Day and in association with its libraries and artistic venues, the Cork Shakespearean Company are organising a rehearsed reading of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, to take place over a 12 hour period in 10 different venues throughout Cork city. We will be looking for up to 100 volunteers, including readers, directors and co-ordinators. The company would like to involve as many past and present members as possible but we would also like to invite anyone else who might be interested, to take part. Each venue will read approximately 4 plays and 16 sonnets, so each participant will read at least 30 pages of text (don't worry, you will get a break!).

To ensure that everyone is reading from the same script, I have downloaded all the texts and am in the process editing each volume for each venue to fit in to its allocated 12 hours.

As a non-profit, voluntary organisation, the primary cost factor for this Fund it project will be the printing of over 100 copies of the correct and legible volumes, each of which will be given to the volunteers as a commemoration of the event. Any assistance you could lend would be greatly appreciated.