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Cork Sound Fair 2018

By Cork Sound Fair


We aim to give artists a platform to showcase experimental sound through installations and live performances.

Our first event is set to take place on the 23rd & 24th of March 2018 in St Peter's Church and Cork City Gaol.

Cork based artists African Fiction, Static and Robert Curgenven are set to be joined by Derry native Autumns for the opening night in St. Peters Church. Attendees of our opening night will also see a new sound installation unveiled by Isochronal a collaboration by artists Kevin Callaghan and Thomas Penc.

For our second venue we have sounds from Dublin and London in the shape of Davy Keogh, Dream Cycles, Soft Stone and a closing set and Irish debut from Beatrice Dillon live.

As mentioned above the two venues are St Peter's and Cork City Gaol both historical and striking settings in their own right. St. Peter's history dates back to 1,270 when King Henry III granted patronage of the church to the Bishop of Cork. St. Peter’s church was deconsecrated in 1949. Following a long restoration process it opened in 2016 and has been a focal point for all things cultural in Cork City since. 

Cork City Gaol is a listed building and an important part of Irish architectural heritage. It was only left idle for a few years – in 1927, Radio Eireann began to broadcast Cork's first radio station, 6CK, from the centre of the main building. The Gaol was used as a broadcasting station up until the end of the 1950s, when the complex was allowed to become totally derelict until its innovative restoration and reopening to the public as a visitor attraction in 1993. Therefore it only seems fitting this surreal building will be used to broadcast sound once more from its historic walls. 

Please see Cork Sound Fair on Facebook for full events programme.

Moneys raised will go toward Artist fees and expenses, venue rental, insurance and sound equipment.

Cork Sound Fair is made up of a collective of passionate music people.

Conor Ruane (Founder)
Steven Harrington (Production Team Manager)
Robert Curgenven (Sound Engineer)
Kevin Callaghan (Artist/Advisor)
Niall Hearne (Graphic Design)

Aoife O'Neil (Artist Liaison)

As this the first Cork Sound Fair all help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

Currently we are 100% crowd funded, all moneys raised will go toward running the event and providing compensation to the contributing artists. We are crowd funding this project as we will operate Cork Sound Fair as an open source venture demonstrating that projects like this can showcase this content and support the contributing artists and in turn hopefully help change the conditions for artists who want to pursue their passion and chosen artform. 

We would like to thank you for your time.

Please tell your friends.

CSF Team




 Hey CSF funders.

We know January can be a long month because of this we would like to especially thank those who have supported us over this period. 

With just over 10 days to go in our campaign, we would really appreciate it if you could share our campaign with friends and family. 

As it stands CSF 2018 is 100 percent crowd funded the money raised will go toward key equipment, rental and running costs for the show. We are just at 52 percent so we have a long way to go!

If someone you know cant make it to CSF 2018 they can also get involved by picking up one of our Merch Packs (t-shirt, tote bang and CSF Mixtape)

Best regards,

CSF Team

Autumns at St. Peter's

Cork Sound Fair 2018

CSF Artist Content update

Hey CSF funders, 

Conor here, just to let you know we have been busy updating our social media propaganda machines with CSF 2018 artist info. Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Insta to check out and sample some of the sound you are expected to hear (links below). 

We have also released our new programme video for CSF 2018.

Programme Video








CSF 1 Week in

Hello CSF funders,


We laucnhed our fundit page just over a week ago today and the CSF team would like to thank each and everyone of you for your generous donations.


The initial response to our campaign has been great. CSF 2018 has been picked up by publications like the G-man, the Journal of Music and the Cork Independent.


We are certainly delighted with the coverage we have received so far but we feel good old word of mouth is always the best way to spread a good idea. 


So if you know of anyone considering to support our event we would highly appreciate it if you would kindly tell them to check out this page or our FB event page.


Even though our event is not untill next March our campaign finishes on February 8th and we need to reach our target before then in order receive the funds after the campaign commences.


P.s. Remember you can pledge now and pay later.


Many thanks,



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