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Cormac O' Caoimh - A New Season For Love

By Cormac O Caoimh



Cormac O' Caoimh here. I am a singer-songwriter from Cork. As a solo artist I played three gigs at the London Calling festival and also played the Hard Working Class heroes festival in Dublin and Canadian Music week in Toronto in Canada’s premier music magazine. I have supported Damien Rice (in the Paradiso, Amsterdam), Declan O' Rourke, Josh Rouse, Mark Geary, Nick Kelly, Miles Hunt and Damien Dempsey to name but a few and also ventured further afield playing headlining gigs and slots in Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam and New York as well as fantastic venues in Ireland like De Barras, Cyprus Avenue, The Lobby, The Roundy, The Crane Lane and Whelans (to name but a few) My debut solo CD 'Stark a spark' was released in 2007 and you can read some snippets of reviews below or visit http://www.cormaco.net for more info.

Solo live performances vary between fast and frenetic acoustic guitar playing, slower tunes heavily influenced by a classical guitar playing background and jazz influenced pop tunes. The songs are key though and they all have a catchiness or accessibility at their core that outweigh any stylistic definition. The CD I am hoping to finish and release is largely a collection of the quieter fingerpicking tunes. You can have a listen to a few of these songs on youtube where I uploaded a new song every week for 5 weeks. 4 of these will feature on the new CD. You can see them on http://www.youtube.com/citadels or http://www.facebook.com/cormacmusic .

Previously I was singer-songwriter of The Citadels, a band who over a 10 year period encompassed various shapes and sizes, resulting in the lo-fi acoustic 'Shadow of my Northern Star' EP in 1999 and transforming into a full band - big sound - six piece who released the critically acclaimed 'Letting Go. Holding On' CD in 2003.

Thanks a million,


'For those who haven't tried these songs, I highly recommend that you do. Cormac's compositions are unique, his style and voice like a cool mountain stream. If you're thinking of taking a pill for anxiety, forget it; just listen to some of this music and that's all the calming therapy you'll need.'
Rick Boling

"There is a lot of good stuff coming out of Ireland at the moment, people like Damien Rice and David Kitt and I got cd recently from Cormac O Caoimh from Cork which I really like."
Ron Sexsmith

"the fresh confident songwriting of Cormac O Caoimh suggests
a promising future"
Tom Robinson, BBC

"Luminous front man Cormac O Caoimh releases his first solo album. More than your typical singer-songwriter, O Caoimh mixes pop sensibility with finely tuned song writing wrapping it all up in his soft melodic confidence and sharp lyrical commentary'
Hot Press



An extra pressie and thanks again.

Its been 9 months since I wrote an update for the project. Since December the album has been released and various singles and I have been delighted with the response it has been getting and I have all of ye to thank. The album has been greating reviews ..here are some snippets of some and you can read many of them in full here. http://www.thecitadels.net/anewseasonforlove.html Review Summary "Beautiful beyond words" - Mutant Space "Leaves you feeling that all can be right with the world" - Fatea Magazine "I challenge you not to be charmed...A new season for love is an accomplished album which wears its sombre mood lightly, with pleasing pop colours." - We are noise "There is true magic here" - Folk Words "'Counting the Raindrops’, the 10th song is, in my opinion, the best song on the album and indeed one of the best songs to come out of Ireland over the last 10 years. This is to me the perfect song and ranks along the best of them even alongside Galileo and some of Cohen’s evergreens." - Musicians Together "Songs which speak to the subconscious and have a comfortable place in the psyche" - Drop-d "His voice is a wonderfully expressive instrument..the result is a cohesive and excellent album" - Leonard's Lair “mature and intelligent and the albums natural feel gives it a worthy intimacy” - Hot Press "a sweet melody of delicately written songs that soothe the soul" - Celebrity Cafe "Perfection lies within its quietude" - Scully Love Promo "His voice is so soft and tender. His music is really going to calm you down. Highly recommended" - Entertainment Divaz "a lulling voice in the realm of Nick Drake, with lyrics that whisper of love and lost things and friendship, quiet poetry, weaving through a gentle Jazz vibe. .. an album full of delights, perfect for those mellower moments of dreaming." - Dungarvan Observer "perfect as a soundtrack to a lazy Summer day. Impressive stuff!" - To U I Bestow "The craft at work here is of a rare quality" - File Under Good Music "I think you will be impressed" - Cork Independent "O’Caoimh’s voice is flawless delivering songs of undoubted maturity" - Claire Kane The singles have also been doing well and getting a fair bit of airplay and the last one "Remember when we didnt kiss" went to no 1 in the itunes download chart the week of its release. I had various live interviews with various lovely people on lovely stations and you can hear one I did with Sean Rocks for RTE 1s arena online http://www.rte.ie/radio1/arena/archive1/2012/0509/arena.html you can also download that on itunes podcasts. Anyways...today I am releasing an acoustic cd of 20 songs. They are solo live acoustic versions of youtube recordings and I will be sending free download links to all ye wonderful funders as a thank for funding the last cd. Thanks again. All the best Cormac you can of course see/hear all of these online anyways on the new youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/cormacocaoimh

Nearly nearly there....

Apologies....I thought ye all would have received your cds before christmas. The cds is mixed, and mastered and designed ..and was sent off to be duplicated a few weeks ago so I was hoping to have them and posted off before now...but unfortunately they have not arrived yet. I will be posting them out as soon as they arrive. Thanks for your patience. If you have not emailed me your address yet...please do. Thanks to all who have already.....Here is a link to a taster track from the cd........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLwQyITS364

Mixing finished/ Send me your address. Thank you.

Hi all, First off….I would like to thank you all for pre-purchasing my cd “A New Season For Love”. The support and feedback and encouragement was fantastic. I sent an email to everyone in September asking for you to email me an address so I can send on your rewards. If you have done so already..thanks very much. If you have not please email me your address. You can send it to info@thecitadels.net . Below is a revised copy of that email. This message is just to update you all on the progress of the cd and to ask you to send me your address so I can post you out a copy of the cd when it is finished. Originally I had planned on an October release but I won’t make that now. I have just finished the mixing so will be doing the mastering and design and duplication in the coming weeks. And the plan now is to release (officially) the cd in January. However, I will be sending advance copies of the cd (and other cds if they are also part of your reward) to ye as soon as I have them..which should be in November. So ye can all learn the words and singalong at the official launch in 2012. So if you could please do two things: (a) Email me your name and address so I can post you the cd when I have the finalized product. Even if you think I should know your address...please email it to me anyway. At info@thecitadels.net (b) Part of the reward was to have your name listed on the inside sleeve of the cover. Some of you donated anonymously. If you have done this and would rather NOT have your name printed on the sleeve….you can let me know that too. Thanks again. And I will be in touch and I really hope you like the cd when you get it.

4 days left - Target Reached

Thanks a million everyone!! I have reached my target and there are still 4 days to go. I greatly appreciate every single one of the 47 funders so far and after a stressful few weeks of ups and downs I am delighted to be nearing the end. Thanks for making this project a success and I hope ye wont be disappointed with the future rewards you will receive. Just to let everyone know..you're credit card has not been charged yet. It will only be charged after the project deadline has passed. In 4 days time. In those 4 days people can still pre-order copies of the cd. So if you know anyone who would like to..they still can. In the coming weeks I will keep you updated on the progress of the cd. Thanks again.

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