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Corporate Ireland

By David Gorman


This documentary will explore some of the questions surrounding the presence of multinational corporations in Ireland. The status, power and tax arrangements of corporations in countries around the world is a prevalent discussion and I want to highlight this in an Irish context.

There are over 1,000 overseas companies based in Ireland, including 8 out of the top 10 IT and 8 out of top 10 pharmaceutical companies. It is no secret that Ireland’s corporate tax rate evokes interest from all over the world. I want to inform the audience about Ireland’s corporate tax regime and explore why there is such confusion out there about it, while also attempting to establish what exactly do they pay? I want to explore the power that these corporations have in our political system and what this means for Irish citizens.

The film will include interviews with many people from a broad spectrum of Irish society, politicians, academics, journalists, authors and representatives of some of the corporations in question. As you can see from the video we have begun shooting and provided is a short snippet of two interviews we already carried out.

I want to be as objective as I can with this film. My main aim is to inform the audience and let them make up their own mind about these prevailing questions surrounding this issue. I hope to open a debate and start a discussion about this topic, in addition to producing a professional looking and enjoyable documentary to watch.

The crew at present is myself David Gorman as producer/director, in 2012 I produced and directed a short documentary 847 Years: The Story of the Vita Cortex Workers (2012). The cinematographer is Eamonn Dunne who has worked on various productions including Ros na Rún and The Shadows (2013). The crew will expand as production increases. The budget will mainly be covering post-production work and also travel costs, as we are based in Galway and have to travel to Dublin on numerous occasions to do interviews.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the video your help in supporting this film is much appreciated.