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Cosas By Kidding Ensemble

By Kidding Ensemble


Thunder and Lightening! In Native American culture, this was where clowns were believed to have come from. Now that we are staging our first Theatre Of Clown show, it looks like we have been struck! Oye Oye! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! We present to you – Cosas!

A clown lives in a rudimentary and timeless place, one flooded with familiar apparatus taken out of its context. Things have been distorted and taken to the extreme, for better or worse. Cosas is an inventor and a user, both satisfied and frustrated. Out of necessity or just for fun, technology has become everything for her.

Our goal is for audiences to laugh while reflecting on their own relationships with technology. We are working hard to deliver our most challenging work yet, one that will go deep into our obsessions and produce a timely and relevant piece of theatre that speaks about our modern lives.

Thanks to Draíocht, we have been able to workshop ideas for the past few months and we are now getting very excited with our discoveries. It’s not all fun and games – we have many hurdles to overcome but we love it; we are getting great results! Our feeling now is that this can really happen, that this year we can put on a show that will be a milestone in our development as a company and that a great future will spring out of this first step. In other words, we will conquer the world Mwahahahaaha!!!! (or insert own evil laugh here)

Now the practicalities: We will stage our show in Filmbase from the 5th to the 17th of September and of course we would love to see you there! You’ve guessed it, we’re not going to be part of The Fringe, but we're going to be FRINGING THE FRINGE!

Here’s where you enter the picture: We really need your help to put on the show – it literally can’t happen without it. The money raised will go towards the cost of the venue. Overall, we’ve reduced the cost to the bare minimum thanks to a team of dedicated and talented people who were ready to get on board without knowing if they’ll get paid at all!

However, we’re not going to take your money without giving you something in return. For your help, and depending on how much you pledge, you will receive a variety rewards in return for your kindness (see options list). Give what you can – the price of a couple of pints or, if you want us to perform in your living room, go mad with generosity! Either way, with you on our side, nothing will stop us!

Many thanks,
Angelica, Marie-Geneviève, Niamh
Kidding Ensemble



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