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Cult - A New Play By Diet of Worms

By Shane & Amy


Hello there,

We are Diet of Worms. We are a comedy performance group that has been working together since 2006. Since then, we have performed regularly on the UK & Irish comedy circuits and taken three full length shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our 2007 show - Diet of Worms on (Melted) Ice - was performed entirely in a swimming pool. Although, we're still not entirely sure why we did that.

We have also produced several web series, including The Taste of Home, Dublin Stories and Adventures of the Puffincat. Visit youtube.com/thedietofworms to check them out.

Last year we moved away from sketch comedy and wrote our first play, Strollinstown. It was presented as part of the ABSOLUT Dublin Fringe and we had a truly brilliant time doing it. The play was nominated for the Fishamble New Writing Award and we are very excited about following this up with our new play, Cult.

Cult is an hour long satirical play about five people who have been left below following their cult's mass ascension. The work explores how the characters came to find themselves in such a scenario, how their normal lives proved so inadequate and how they interact with each other in a moment that they perceive as being tinged with rejection but is actually an enormously lucky escape. Themes such as faith, fear of the unknown and, above all, our human desires to follow and to be followed will be examined.

The concept has been knocking around within the group for some time now and as we looked to begin work on our next theatre project, we started to fall in love with the idea and its potential for both tragedy and comedy. We write together as a five-piece and we always look to create groups of characters and find interesting scenarios in which five people might find themselves, having to work together or against each other. The idea of the five runts of a religious cult being "left below", really appeals to us.

We're extremely excited about this project but we need a little bit of help bringing it to fruition. Our set will be minimalist. We will concentrate on sound and lighting design (along with performance of course) to create the setting and atmosphere. Your help would go towards costume, rehearsal space, crewing, promotion and other essential production costs. We really believe in this project and we would be eternally grateful if you could support us.

Thank you so much,
Shane, Amy, Rory, Niall, Clare and Philippa (Diet of Worms)



Over The Line

Hello there, I'm just writing to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported our Fund:It campaign. We've just reached our €3,000 target. This will go towards producing our new play 'Cult' for the 2011 ABSOLUT Fringe. We're unbelievably grateful and genuinely blown away by everyone's generosity. It means so much to us all to know that so many people support us. We're working really hard on the play and we hope you will enjoy it and think it a worthy investment. If you know anyone who wanted to but didn't get a chance to donate something towards the show and, importantly, avail of the rewards (including tickets, invites to rehearsal room run throughs, subscriptions to exclusive DoW video podcasts and your very own Puffincat cartoon made just for you), not to worry, there are still four days of the campaign to go. So, they can still donate. The more we raise, the more we can spend on paying our crew, costume, promotion and advertising etc and the better our opportunity of making the play a success. Thank you all so much for reading and for the tremendous good will we've received. We really have some unbelieveably sound friends and have met some equally sound new ones on here. Now, to put on the play! Shane, Amy, Rory, Niall, Clare and Philippa (Diet of Worms) PS We've just released a sneak preview of one of our promotional photographs for the play. You can see it at http://bit.ly/cultphoto

Whoa! We're Halfway There!

Hello there, Well, we're halfway through our Fund:It campaign and, funnily enough, we're at the 50% mark towards our target. Thank you to everyone who has so kindly offered their support so far. We've been genuinely blown away by the good will we've received. Work on the play is going really well. Everyday we get more and more excited about it all. We've been very busy in the rehearsal room (one or tow minor set backs aside - http://bit.ly/jWh8mo), work-shopping away and getting to grips with the script. We've also been off to get our promotional photographs taken for the Fringe brochure and the poster. We can't show any of the snaps yet, until we get them all touched up and beautified, but they look incredible so far. Basically, it was the five of us shivering and wet, knee deep in heather, hanging off a mountain in the Sallygap, dressed in ceremonial green robes. At one stage, a tour bus stopped because the driver thought we were "performing a pagan ritual". It's difficult to have to disappoint that many people at once, but they zipped off sharply when we told them that we were simply doing a photoshoot. That's all for now. 17 days left and €1,500 still to raise. So if you know of anyone else who may fancy themselves as the next Lorenzo Di Medici, please let them know about the campaign. We really appreciate the support. Thank you so much, Shane, Amy, Rory, Niall, Clare and Philippa (Diet of Worms)

Week 1 Update

Well Hello There, Four days down and 30 still to go. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or spread the word about the campaign so far. We really do appreciate all the support. We've had a great time on Fundit so far and it has co-incided with a very exciting time for the play itself. We've made some very exciting breakthroughs in our workshop sessions and everyone is super excited about where we are headed with it all. As you can see from this video - http://youtu.be/fjN8jIoBy18 - it can get pretty exciting in the writing room from time to time. We're off to get the photography done for our poster etc this weekend so wish us luck and we'll talk to you again soon. Thanks again for the support and please keep spreading the word around about our campaign, we still have a long way to go to reach 100% - which we have to do in the next 30 days, otherwise we don't get a penny. Thanks so much, Rory, Gaffo, Clare, Philippa, Amy & Shane (Diet of Worms)

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