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Cult Called Man's "The Walkyr" Video

By Cult Called Man


We hope to create a special visual representation of our music for our supporters and for ourselves. We know that bands here on fundit usually ask for help putting together records, or tours but for the moment we need help making our video. With Deborah Sheedy we plan to make an odd sort of, loose social commentary on the role of self involved drama that we invite into our lives.

We need help to fund:
1. 30-40 Cheap lamps
2. Googley eyes
3. Lights, Cameras, Sound equipment
4. Bulbs!
5. The renting of a site for an indoor performance scene.

We as a band feel there are a lot of performance videos out there.. They usually just show off the the face of the band, what they do and how fun it is. That’s cool but it’s not really us. We could do that and we’d like awkward and plank. So we have a different plan. We want to make a bunch of creepy “Lamp People” out of the above list of bits and bobs!

In the video we’re going to try express very simply a Universe full of “Lamp People” that Razmo has fallen into. He’s trying to escape the clutches of some particularly evil lamps and in the mean time he’s pulling some freaky dance moves and figuring some things out through the power of his geetar! The video will end with the band performing to a crowd of happy Lamp people swaying in the funky rhythms.

We want to make something that will help us promote our music and who we are. We think you guys will love it and always remember it as being, if nothing else, “Definitely a Cult Called Man thing”.

We’ve had a bunch of support from our followers and friends and we are grateful for the experiences that we’ve had so far in our short career. We want to artistically move it up a gear this time and we are asking you explicitly and directly to help us make something happen. We love you guys. And we wanna give you some cool stuff so you can know that you’re very much a part of everything we do.



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