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Cult Magazine

By Geoff McGrath


Cult is a quarterly magazine containing a mixture of culture, art, lifestyle and fashion. There has been an issue already produced for Winter 2012 / 2013

I am looking to fund the Spring / Summer issue through pre-sales. Cult was started to write about topics that aren’t covered elsewhere and for those that are, to be done in a different way. This means writing about specialised or academic topics in a clear and more easily understood, plain (but never boring) writing style. Also, why wait for the latest
exhibition, book, film release etc. to write about interesting people or topics? It is also the aim to present these article with great design and a glossy format.

Cult has so far been produced with the good-will of professionals and new-comers who are excited about producing such a unique magazine. Many have worked for a dramatically reduced fee or for nothing but a thank you. This isn’t sustainable for ever. Your help will mean Cult can build on the audience we have already gathered from issue one. It will also help put the magazine on the path for a sustainable future.

As regards my own experience, I have worked in the media for about thirteen years and always felt that lots of publications seemed to be always writing about the same things. When I took a year out (back when you could afford to do these things) to go live in Barcelona, I came up with the idea for the magazine. There was something about the
creativity of the city that I wanted to bring back to Ireland. When I arrived back home, I chipped away at it for a few years, asking / begging people to help out. It was on a trip to another great city that I came up with the name Cult. Something about Berlin seemed to inspire me too.

So, over a period of a few years I finally managed to get enough contributors together to produce a test issue. I thought, that might be it and that maybe only a handful of people would like it. However, it turned out that a lot more people seemed to like it than I thought would. That’s when I decided to produce another one and approached one
of the main distributors in Ireland. Getting people to advertise on start-up magazines is difficult when the economy is good, but even harder when there’s less money about. That’s why I am hoping you can help fund the next issue. Finally, I’ll just add one other city that offered inspiration for Cult - London. Independent magazines are thriving there despite tough times. They are all doing something a bit different from the standard magazines you will find. I would love to see more of these magazines here.



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