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Dalton House Daycare Centre Publication

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Dalton House Daycare Centre is part of the larger complex of Gorwan Homes for the Elderly in Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, which houses twelve members of the community, along with providing essential services within the community. Dalton House Daycare Centre provides a holistic service for the care and well being of the elderly within the region. With the provision of meals for approximately 56 people six days a week on an ongoing basis, the centre services the needs of the elderly within their region providing laundry, basic daily services, respite, and occupational services. Dalton House Daycare Centre is a hub of activity and events based in the centre of the village of Gowran, promoting vibrant and active living with care and respect into an elderly age.

'Life Through our View Finder I' was published in 2009 by Dalton House Daycare Centre. The book records the memories and historical recollections of people within the region. Recollections which offer insight into the forming our community and our history.

The project aims to acknowledge and highlight the valuable contribution of the lives of people within the community, to record their views and recollections in the context of their time. Their stories offer an understanding of the foundation of the community we live in today. And in turn acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of those within our community.

Growing from the demand of the first book, Dalton House Daycare Centre is currently working with forty participants recording their life experiences and history from the region to publish 'Life Through our View Finder II ' in 2012. Building on a portion of the sales from the first book published in 2009, Dalton House Daycare Centre currently have €4000 from the revenue of sales from the first book. The cost of publication of the book is €7000, therefore Dalton House are currently seeking a final €3000 for the publication of the second book. €4000 has already been raise through fundraising efforts, including monthly cakes sales and through sales of the first book.

The Project was initiated by Nellie Brett, the manager of Dalton House Daycare Centre and Gowran Homes for the Elderly, in Gowran, Co Kilkenny. She was a founding member of the Gowran Homes for the Elderly when the project was first conceived on paper as a basic need to care for the Elderly within the community. She saw the need to develop essential services for the elderly in the community. She then sought to develop more holistic services and social events which endeavor to cater for all the clients of Dalton House with the ethos of ‘’It’s the life in your years that counts not the years in your life’’

With your help and support 'Life Through our View Finder II' will be published and launched in the first week of October 2012. The Team at Datlon House Daycare Centre extend their sincere gratitude for your support and contribution to their continued work in the parish of Gowran.



4 days to go ... and then to print.

Thanks to all who have supported the publication of our book of memories and historical recollections, 'Life through the viewfinder II' By helping us to publish our book you are now part of the fabric of our community and our publication. The editor is hard at work finalising the manuscript and we are stretching ourselves in these last few days to complete our Fundit target in the next 4 days. Thanks for all your support ! ; - 4 days left if you haven't already joined us!

half way there with 20 day to go.

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged money for the publication of our book ‘’Life Through Our Viewfinder 2’’. We are all very busy sorting photos for the publication and we have put a few photographs up on Facebook and on our own site www.daltonhouse.ie . It was fun sorting through the old photos and identifying people from our community. We have been discovering how well old photographs reproduce, the quality says so much for the old camera. I have had several meetings with our editor and next step will be organising the layout of the book, which is hard work but very interesting. I have been receiving emails from England, Canada and America about the content of our new book and requests for the previous book. We are also receiving queries for the well being of individuals from the community. All contacts and queries are very welcome. Again Thanks to everyone for the support, we re half way there with 20 day to go.

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