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danielle harrison debut album

By Danielleharrisonmusic


Born in Los Angeles, California, to a singing father and a music loving mother, I was steeped in sound from birth. I grew up a lover of Frank Zappa, X, Pink Floyd, Janes Addiction and everything in between.

When I was old enough I moved to Hollywood and started out as an extremely shy backing vocalist for all of my friends bands. I didn't even know it was a possibility that I would ever be the singer for a band and certainly didn't think myself a songwriter.

A few years later in1997, I heard that an Irish band called "Skindive" was auditioning for a singer. I traveled to Dublin 2 weeks later, auditioned and joined the band immediately. We gigged, toured, laughed and cried. Had one released album, one unreleased album and ended up calling it a day in 2001.

In the years following I kept myself busy singing with friends:
Turn, The Ruby Taillights, Lluther, Speed of Snakes & Printer Clips. During this time I was dabbling with writing. Constantly starting and stopping.

After a long break from writing and playing music, I met Derek Byrne, who's guitar style gave the songs I had written that extra "something" I had always wanted. Music became exciting again.

I've chosen Arad Studios in Dublin for the rehearsals, recording & mixing of the album. My great friend and fellow producer Les Keye, founder of Arad Studios, will be the man working the controls. I've known him for nearly 20 years and based on our meetings over coffee and very loud music listening sessions, I feel that he understands what we want from these recordings. All of the songs are fully ready and the band is sounding monsterous.

Once funding is complete we aim to start recording the first week of August and finish by the last week in September. My goal is to have the completed album ready for release in February /March of 2015. We will also be doing shows in Dublin starting late July andI hope that you'll come out to have a listen.

This has always been my dream.... To record these songs the way they play in my mind would be the greatest joy for me. And after all this time I finally feel like i'm ready to make it happen. The days of the record companies are long gone and this is where i turn to you my dear friends.

I am hoping to raise the funds for the recording, mixing & mastering of a completed album of 10 - 12 songs. to fund the rental for for the rehearsal space for full band rehearsals in order to prepare all musicians for recording, to fund paying the musicians during the time of rehearsal and recording, to fund the printing of the cds & limited edition vinyl and finally to fund distribution of the cds and vinyl.

I thank you with my whole heart. much love.


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thank you so much to all the funders so far <3! only two weeks left to raise the rest of the moolah. i know it'll take a miracle... but here's to miracles. :)

check out this snippet of me and the fellas rehearsing "call off your dogs" last week. https://soundcloud.com/danielle-harrison/call-off-your-dogs-rehearsal

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